All characters are considered Hermetic magi for purposes of character creation.

The following modifications apply to the chart on page 29 titled “Detailed Character Creation Summary.”

1. Pick a Concept: Skip this step. Characters are 15 years of age, with no memory of life prior to the start of the campaign.

2. Hermetic Magi Only: Skip this step. Farrani characters do not have Houses.

5. Early Childhood: All characters have “Common” (Trakorien) as their Native Language.

6. Later Life: Skip this step. Farrani wizards do not have a “later life” period; their apprenticeships begin at age five, immediately after early childhood.

7. Hermetic Magi Only: Apprenticeship: Farrani wizards start with only 160 experience points from their ten-year apprenticeships. These points cannot be used to buy an Art rated higher than 10.

Farrani start with a score of zero in two Forms of their choice and in each of the five Techniques. They can purchase scores of zero in additional Forms at the cost of 10 experience points each.

Each character also has 80 levels of formulaic spells, each of no higher level than [Technique + Form + Intelligence + Magic Theory + 3] or level 20, whichever is lower.

8. Hermetic Magi Only: Years After Apprenticeship: Skip this step. The campaign begins immediately after the tenth year of apprenticeship.

11. Equipment: Player characters do not begin with any equipment.


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