The Farrani Corps

Game 22: Here There be Dragons

We unload the ship and do some research with the books. Alice, Violet and Gerald all have somewhat poor results in their lab works.

We direct the students to study the books while we go on an expedition in the mountains. We plan enough supplies for a two day journey. Violet, Gerald, Alice, Queine, Escobar, Allie, and Granderson pack up, are made invisible, and able to fly. Gerald uses some area lore to determine a somewhat efficient way to investigate the peaks. Alice also determines that the a few of the smaller peaks are not likely to have any dragons.

On the seventh mountain peak Qureine notices that there appears to be a disturbance as if a large animal had been there. The animal would be approximately 10 feet across and would likely hunt mountain goats or large birds. Qureine casts a spell to see if she can sense where the beast is but there is no sound. We travel down the hill Qureine attempting to cast her sense. She thinks that she heard the dragon within the mountain but Alice can’t see anything within it.

Qureine finds some wolves and sees if they have any knowledge of a dragon. They describe a bad place on the mountain we were previously exploring. We head to the peak and then to a chasm with a regio and unnatural darkness.

After some discussion Alice and Gerald lower themselves into the regio. At some point they feel that they are fully within the regio. They can see some glittering below them and feel as though something is very confusing to them. They leave fairly quickly, levitating through the darkness while Alice looks to see if there is anything magic down below.

They come back out and it is as no time has passed for the rest of the group. We all decide to go in and the last three hundred feet seem to take an unusually long time and the pile is much larger than we initially thought. We realize that the mound is a mound of human bodies.

Qureine creates an orb of light and moves it around to see what she can. Violet learned from one of the corpses and learned the year of his death and country of origin as well as that he is from the first age. Thus all those below him would be of the same or earlier ages.

Alice believes that the area is tainted by the number of bodies in this space in an infernal nature. Violet and Alice begin going through the bodies and ashing them to look for a Kharazed or Fae to resurrect and question.

We get down to near the bottom of the chasm which the year seems like if he were on the same time scale he would be from the future. He also doesn’t seem to know what an age is at all. Another half hour we come to the bottom of the chasm.

Eventually we come out and it does not appear that the sun has moved more than a diameter if at all.

We went down the paths and carefully search up the mountain side. As we search, after 9 hours we come to a cave that would be of size to contain a dragon. We find scratch marks on a wall and melt the snow in the room. As it melts away it reveals a nest like structure containing eggs within the rocks. There is a spell upon the nest however and Alice tries to determine what spells are in place.

We discuss for a few minutes before deciding to take the eggs back to our ship with us.

Violet and Gerald come up with a plan to shrink and move the eggs to the ship efficiently. Just as we were about to move them, however, Alice looks up and notices a dragon in the sky above us. She notifies us that it is there. Qureine tells everyone to put the eggs back and prepare for the dragon to come to us. Alice tries to dispell the shrunken egg to normal size but instead causes it to pulse and glow.

Alice manages to dispell the spells on her second try while Violet and Escobar call out to speak with the dragon.

Gerald wards Violet and Alice and steps away from the next towards Qureine.

Alice and Qureine see two more dragons approaching now and let the others know as much.

Very quickly the first dragon lands and looks down upon us.

Escobar approaches it and Violet says to it that we have come to seek it’s assistance in enforcing the pact of the gods.

The dragon contemplates Escobar while Gerald continues to ward us agianst fire and we float up to him.

And then the first dragon speaks in the language of meaning and gives us a riddle.

“Elder man and Kharazed sit eye to eye in a tree. Kharazed sees Elder man, what does Elder man see?”

Escobar answers for us, “Himself.” The dragons nod and adopt a less hostile posture.

They look amongst themselves and at us as if they are communicating amongst themselves. Escobar introduces himself and Violet who explains that the pact of the gods is being violated by the Galarands. One of the dragons flies off and returns after an hour. It has flaming planks of wood in its claw as well as a casket containing a human with Kharazed blood.

The others help to communicate the situation to the dragon.

The woman stands and says “I am Grace deNis and I am no Galarand! I am a member of the Farrani Corps.”

As we question her asking how she came to be with the Galarands it is clear to everyone present that she is being evasive but Alice poses the silent question and informs us all that she was originally attempting to infiltrate them but they captured her and used the casket to enslave her.

Grace reveals that she has seen thirty Galarands, in various lands, within our realm. She also says that the only way to kill the Galarands is to stake them in the heart with red coral.

The dragons say that they would be willing to enact the plague but we would still have to fight them or they would continue to make progress towards their goals.

They agree to meet us in one week at the lagoon where our ships were currently in battle.

3 Seasons


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