The Farrani Corps

Game 21: Book Bridge to the Silver Isle

As the fire ship approaches we discuss how we would like to proceed and our fear and discussion of fleeing impresses upon them the seriousness of the situation. After some discussion we determine that it is most critical to hide and protect the other ships. That we make them invisible and give them the wind so that we can all meet with the fleet. Violet goes to get Draena to protect the ships with her magics.

We begin, again, to head towards the continent of Marjura. Alice keeps looking to the rear to assess if the others are following us. The ships chase us except for the fire ship which goes to sit on the water gate. A few days later we reunite with the fleet in a secluded harbor near the city. On the journey Violet is promoted to Commander.

We plan to head into the city to check out local legends of dragons as well as gather supplies for a trip through the mountains. Alice checks with the other ships representatives. Terrine has been juggling the ranks or the Corps and the Navy to integrate them more fully. Between Terrine and Tabitha they have convinced the navy that they are part of the Farrani Corps. After the first night though the Shadakine also join in our system of ranking. Violet also takes a look at the other graduates to see if someone would be appropriate for our group. Terrine recommends that we ask the fairly recent graduate, Escobar, as well as a Mecire Allie, who is nearly ready for a promotion from midshipman to ensign. Arthur had stopped by for a bit to report in before carrying on.

We all prepare to leave on one of the ships and Captain Granderson (of the Shadakine) joins us as well. As we get to the warf, one of the dock workers tells us that there is someone who deals in information named Poppy who we can find at the top of the warf.

At the top there is an old sailor sitting on top of a pile of nets. Violet speaks with him and he tells us that there is a temple out on the rocky outcrop below the castle but above the city there are people with stories and information regarding dragons.

While some of our members have many weapons people in the city stare at us a bit as we walk by. Escobar also lights his hand on fire multiple times before Alice turns him invisible. We reach the gate to the inner city, after about an hour and they inform us that they will not open the gate until morning unless we give them a half pound of silver. We walk away, Alice turns us invisible and Gerald floats us over the wall.

As we descend we see many lighted lanterns and ornate buildings with gargoyles along the tops but one building makes a distinct impression with a stone formation carved into some kind of temple with the skull of a dragon and it’s wing bones all carefully positioned.

We refresh our parma with the sunset and discuss how there is probably a mate to this dragon.

Violet knocks on the door and a woman wearing a white robe dramatically opens the door and greets us in Argond. Alice attempts to look into the building but it is not initially successful. Gerald casts a spell to detect magic on the building and finds that there is some sort of magic in place that has to do with the dragon bones. There appear to be some strong magics in place.

Eventually the doors open again and eight men in robes invite us in suggesting that we leave our weapons and then follow along to meet with the master of the order. Violet tells that we have met someone of their order and implies that Jess and Sir Tillum are of the same order.

We are brought before an old man seated on a throne of some sort. Violet proves that we are magical by turning into a wolf. He asks his fellow to close the door.

Long ago my mentor Sir Tillum, in his searches of the stars, predicted the coming of the fourth age. We laughed at him but he was convinced of what he saw and took a few other hapless malcontents and incompetents and went south with them generations ago. He explains that the elder gods are not popular to be referenced in “civilized” society but that he recognizes us as of the fourth age and offers the services of the librarians in the morning.

Alice poses the silent question and confirms that they are not working with the Galarands at least.

They let us know that the skeleton of the dragon that covers their door has been here for generations. They moved into the temple long ago but did not construct it themselves. He offers us rooms to stay but we leave with intention to return in the morning. Alice had a question that seemed like they would attack us if we had stayed there.

After we turn the corner Alice makes us invisible and we head back to the temple. Gerald attempts to float us through the door but it is not possible. He then teleports us up to a balcony. Alice reaffirms that we do not want to BREAK the boundary thus putting all the lores that are stored within at risk but we want to get in as well.

They don’t lock the door up here though and it is a simple thing to enter. A few moments later though two robed and armored guards come to secure all of the doors and windows. Alice surveys the building and learns that they are discussing burning the library completely rather than letting us get to it as predicted by the terrible cataclysm that we are foretold to bring.

Violet gives us all the ability to see in the near darkness, various discussions taking astronomy, stealing as many books as possible… when we hear loud talking and a clash of weapons. Gerald teleports us back on the other side and sees that the other guards have killed the two who were guarding the door. But Gerald has warded the door and they can not pass through. Alice makes herself look like Argenta and then visible and speaks to them in Kharazed that the library should be preserved. She is not effective in her communication though and the other eleven guards are all sure that it is a trick and do not trust her.

Gerald teleports Violet back into the room and Gerald sends one of the other men inside where Violet ties him up. Escobar sets one of the oil casks on fire in the hallway and it quickly burns. We then hear another group of men inside the library and more casks of oil set to burning the library but we all work quickly to shut it down, losing only a few books in the process. We guard the room and Alice keeps an eye on other means of their infiltration, including the ventilation shafts.

We learn that there is an aura in the room. Escobar creates light in the room to help us see more clearly. Alice also checks for magical items and shows a locked cage. Gerald opens it and Violet finds another grimoire of how to raise the dead and there are a number of other grimoires in there.

We use teleportation and get the Captain Rodrigo and take the entire collection of books from the library to the ships.

They begin to destroy the building, taking the bones out of the stone. Qureine convinces the group that we need the bones and we come up with a plan. We wait until they are nearly done extracting the bones and then create an illusion and teleport the bone to our ship as well.

We escape with the library and the dragon skeleton. As we are sailing away, the warm glow of our near continuous magic casting warms us.

2 Seasons


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