The Farrani Corps

End of Days

After teleporting as quickly as we could, after about two hours, we came to a mountain top overlooking the lagoon/inlet where the school was docked. The Shadowkine have helped with arranging some cannons on land to protect our fleet that had been brought in close.

Approximately a dozen of our ships, including the Captain Roderigo, have begun to sink.

There are about 50 enemy ships including one fire ship. The fire ship has a chunk out of it where the casket had been. None of these ships are Peratornin ships they are all ships of the Pirate Isles.

There do not appear to be any of the ships with bombs in their holds.

We all determine that we must push back the ships as best we can.

Gerald wards us against a whole host of things.

We prepare to head back to our ships to regroup. We find our superior officers, who are saddened that we have returned so soon but Violet goes off to talk with Lt. Tabitha. Gerald requests help from Draega with wizards communion and she agrees on the condition that we kill her. As we are discussing if we will agree to that, Alice sees more ships on the horizon with banners of Peratorna and the countries around it.

We agree and Draega helps us to perform far stronger wards against humans.

It appears as if the pirate ships are retreating while the fire ship begins to billow smoke as if it is going to create another portal.

Violet returns and lets us know that she saw Captain Draena moving something onto her boat. The Shadowkine have another gate opener that we were not aware of which Draena is having moved to her boat.

We go to see what Draena’s orders are while Violet and Escobar go off to handle other emergency preparations. We walk aboard her ship and Gerald begins talking with her. Draena indicates that we should stay here while she take the students and others away from here. Alice suggests an arcane connection and a plan to arrange for our pick up in a one year at the water gate we had discovered before. We give them all of the knowledge and preparation that we can. Qureine uses the coral to form arrowheads and affixed them to her weapons.

Draena agrees to kill Draega after she teleports us to the fire ship. Violet waits on the shore to speak with the Dragons and follow through with Draena’s orders that the plague be enacted.

With the wizards communion Gerald and Draega teleport us to the fire ship.

Qureine arrives on the deck of the fire ship. She can see only about 10 feet because of the flames and can see only because of the true sight of the air. She can see three tall humanoid shadowy figures contemplating some damage done to the mast.

The creatures seem to be able to smell Qureine and begin to investigate near her when Alice appears.

They call for help while Alice investigates the ship to see that it is not on fire below decks.

As Alice opens the hatch she sees a dark skinned man about to open the hatch. When he comes above deck he is covered in smoke like all the others. We hurry below decks and Alice scries that there is a bowl similar to the one that the Shadowkine first showed us. They are doing some sort of ritual below deck around it. We know that we need to interrupt the ritual.
Just then the same person we saw before comes back through the hatch, closing it behind him and comes down excitedly. Alice attacks him with Demon’s Eternal Oblivion and he appeared to be harmed by it and Gerald shoots and tries to bind him with a spell for humans but he falls as if he is dead and does not move.

Alice puts invisibility back on Gerald and herself.

We quickly go down the stairs and there are about 6 people huddling around a table with the water gate on it. Just then we heard a bell tolling and the men look up from the table and begin to head towards us.
Qureine uses a coral arrowhead on the nearest man, killing him. Escobar attacks with a pillar of fire which basically melted his face off. Gerald kills three of them with his gun and then Alice walks around behind the last standing man and puts her knife to his throat “You can live if you start talking right now.”

He breaks away and cries out in the language of meaning and throws something to the ground where a small amount of smoke billows out.

As he is running away Qureine shoots him in the back and he falls to the ground. Escobar contains the stone and smoke coming from it, Gerald reloads his weapons, and Alice investigates the stone to determine what is on the stone.
Qureine weakens the wood around the bowl where it is bolted and Gerald prepares to teleport it to the school. Escobar holds the stone until Alice dispels the Vim effect on it and then drops his enchantment. All that is left is a glittery coal looking lump. Gerald tries to teleport the bowl back to the ship but instead chooses to lift it with the invisible carrying spell. Alice investigates and determines that there is no gunpowder bomb on the ship. Qureine casts the sinking ship spell and there is a 16” hole beneath the water line and says that we have about 20 minutes before the ship starts listing.

Escobar and Gerald begin scouting our way out, Alice continues scrying and lets us know that there are about 30 beings on the top deck running around. Escobar and Gerald hear people yelling on the top deck as if something dramatic has happened. We go up and wait by the hatch to regroup. Alice notices what appears to be a giant waterfall and clouds of mist in the direction of our school and we all feel the ship that we are on dramatically shift.

Escobar goes above deck and we begin to follow. One of the creatures on the above deck turns and casts a spell at him.
It goes around Escobar and around Qureine and Alice and seemed to converge around Gerald and singed him slightly.

Qureine shoots and the person falls to the deck but does not appear to be killed.

Escobar tries to attack one of the other beings but it fails to blind him. Gerald tries to shoot the same man.

Alice gets us to fall back and a curtain of fire rises all around the ship. We can see through it and it looks like there is a field of lava expanding outward from the ship. We see a similar ring of lava appearing where the school used to be. We try to shrink the bowl but fail so push it out the window hoping to keep it out of the hands of the Galarands. We see an even larger fire ship coming out of the lava gate where the water gate had appeared.

Gerald then begins teleporting us out of there and back to shore where Violet was left.

By now we can see the fourth ship coming through the ring as Gerald teleports us farther away from where the fire ships are coming into our world. By around midnight about 200 fire ships have come through lined out through the sea towards the Peratornin navy.

Violet and Alice give the report as best they can to Draena and Gerald begins some astronomy readings to determine the best way to ensure our survival or meeting with Argenta.

We investigate if we go to the tree on Orghen and get an enigmatic sense that the important members of our party will ascend to the Silver Isle. We then investigate what if we go to wait at the water gate to wait and get a sense of extreme doom. We decide that once we let the dragons know to begin the plague we will go to the tree and stay there to study and train the next generation to the best of our ability so that we can carry on the tradition and ascend to the Silver Isle. Finally we determine that we will try our best to ascend.

We camp out for a week until the Dragons come to see us. A dragon comes and lands near us and speaks with Escobar.
“So have you decided to spare the mortals or are you going to press forward with your claim?” We inform him of the situation with the fire ships and that it seems irreversible at this point.

We negotiate that Orghen would be spared from whatever plague would come to pass. The dragon then offers to take us to the Silver Isle. Alice and Escobar choose to accept while Qureine and Gerald remain on Orghen to study and continue our own path.

The flight to the Silver Isle is a long, cold journey but they are welcomed and reunited with Arthur and Flash on the island where they live a life of paradise.

After a year Qureine meets a few boats at the water gate and we form an outpost on Orghen while maintaining a nautical base. The only reports are that a lot of wars have happened and an immortal force of plague bearers has ridden across the land and many of the kingdoms are becoming subjugated by them. There is no news of where the ships went or what became of the Galarands or the fire ships.

About three years later stories of huge, devastating plagues sweeping the lands reach Orghen and the corps. Most major towns and cities are completely wiped out due to plague and famine.

Before the end of our lifetime we learn that the plagues have subsided and that the children who have survived have lost much of their history and knowledge. One thing that we do regret is that more of the children have turned to the Church of the One God.

By the time that Gerald reaches the Silver Isle, through careful study, he is an old man and tells of the dark age that we have left behind.

Qureine spends the majority of her time within the Regio and combining the time shift there with her Fae blood it is another
lifetime before she ascends. By that time news had come to Orghen that another round of plague had swept the lands, again killing everyone over the age of 15, and sending the lands back into a dark age.


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