The Farrani Corps

Game 20: Balancing the Scales


Incantation of the Beast Made Whole (Creo Animal 30, ritual)
R: Touch, D: Mom, T: Ind
Cures all wounds in the target creature. The Vim requisite allows the spell to affect undying magical beasts like dragons, even when in a lifeless state. (Base 35, + 1 Touch, – 2 Optimization)


We begin to formulate plans to speak with the dragons, the beings who are set to enforce the Pact, and Arthur tells us that he must leave to try to warn the Silver Isle. We are all confused an upset that he would leave us, worried that he might be going to the Queen or that he doesn’t have faith in our plans. He transforms into an owl similar to his familiar and flies off with him.

Gerald and Qureine wander off to think about what he said while Violet and Alice ask Draena about where the highest mountains can be found. She provides information about the mountains and the rough populations around them.

We formulate a plan and tell Draena that our goal is to teleport to the Northern tree on an isle with many mountains on the continent of Oleanda. We have means of contacting her and inherit a box of arcane connections from Arthur.

Anchor is thrown and a man requests Violet to go below decks. Draena gives her a scroll of some girth with instructions to open it once we are underway.

Gerald prepares to teleport us and we bid farewell. As we land and look back we notice a large stormy cloud formation appearing around there, almost as if a regio is being opened and ships sailing out of it. Gerald teleports us back to the ship and we quickly turn to view the ships. They appear to be large, first class ships, which have shiny hulls and flying a long black pennant from the top of all of the ships. Alice quickly makes Draena’s ship invisible though no one is able to sense a regio in the area where they appeared.

Alice and Qureine suggest that we teleport to one of the ships and Alice makes us all invisible and we teleport to the ship. Gerald suggests that Draena sail away from these ships but that we will be back in a few minutes. We can’t understand the language that they are speaking but Violet begins to cast a mentum spell while Alice scans the ship. She notices that there are a lot of spyglasses out and they are searching through the seas. Violet comes back to us and tells us that at least some of the men have parma. Alice notices that they have the guns primed and are ready to attack.

Alice overhears them talking in Kharazed that he was attacked and that they should run out the guns. Violet then goes to them and says out loud that we were not attacking them but were trying to discern their intentions. She is visible, as is Gerald and Violet is able to communicate very effectively with them. They ask where she comes from and she gives a brief description and we come to understand that they traveled through a water gate that had been opened only a few hours before. They have a different calendar system and come from a land that we have never heard of.

Violet asks if they have heard of the Farrani Corps and though they do not seem to know much about our worlds but they seem to understand the Farrani Corps and that they are part of it.

Their magic systems depend on pulleys and levers it seems though it is hard for us to understand.

Gerald heads back to Draena’s ship and informs her of the situation and that they apparently mean us no harm.

After much discussion we learn that they are not as magically inclined as we and believe in Argenta only as a mythical creature until our skill and assurances convinces them. Over the course of our conversation with the it seems that they have far less understanding of the magic than we do and thought they can speak the language of meaning to a reasonable degree.

Their technology seems to be more advanced than our own, however.

Alice overhears them speaking in an officers meeting and they all seem convinced of our magical prowess and the truth of their legends. They also determine that they should quickly leave so as not to become entangled in the trials of our world.

At one point in the afternoon Violet, Gerald and the crew members practice shooting with the weapons of these people.

After some time they make a decision to stay with us for the most part. One of the ships head back to their land to report while the others determine to stay with us to learn more about our magical ways.

Just then someone comes down with a message “Captain there are ships approaching and one is burning to the water line!”

We rush up and see a fire ship and several others making their way towards us.

We explain the situation to them as best we can and begin to make plans to escape or otherwise defend ourselves.

Seasons: 2


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