The Farrani Corps

Game 20: Balancing the Scales

We begin to formulate plans to speak with the dragons, the beings who are set to enforce the Pact, and Arthur tells us that he must leave to try to warn the Silver Isle. We are all confused an upset that he would leave us, worried that he might be going to the Queen or that he doesn’t have faith in our plans. He transforms into an owl similar to his familiar and flies off with him.

Gerald and Qureine wander off to think about what he said while Violet and Alice ask Draena about where the highest mountains can be found. She provides information about the mountains and the rough populations around them.

We formulate a plan and tell Draena that our goal is to teleport to the Northern tree on an isle with many mountains on the continent of Oleanda. We have means of contacting her and inherit a box of arcane connections from Arthur.

Anchor is thrown and a man requests Violet to go below decks. Draena gives her a scroll of some girth with instructions to open it once we are underway.

Gerald prepares to teleport us and we bid farewell. As we land and look back we notice a large stormy cloud formation appearing around there, almost as if a regio is being opened and ships sailing out of it. Gerald teleports us back to the ship and we quickly turn to view the ships. They appear to be large, first class ships, which have shiny hulls and flying a long black pennant from the top of all of the ships. Alice quickly makes Draena’s ship invisible though no one is able to sense a regio in the area where they appeared.

Alice and Qureine suggest that we teleport to one of the ships and Alice makes us all invisible and we teleport to the ship. Gerald suggests that Draena sail away from these ships but that we will be back in a few minutes. We can’t understand the language that they are speaking but Violet begins to cast a mentum spell while Alice scans the ship. She notices that there are a lot of spyglasses out and they are searching through the seas. Violet comes back to us and tells us that at least some of the men have parma. Alice notices that they have the guns primed and are ready to attack.

Alice overhears them talking in Kharazed that he was attacked and that they should run out the guns. Violet then goes to them and says out loud that we were not attacking them but were trying to discern their intentions. She is visible, as is Gerald and Violet is able to communicate very effectively with them. They ask where she comes from and she gives a brief description and we come to understand that they traveled through a water gate that had been opened only a few hours before. They have a different calendar system and come from a land that we have never heard of.

Violet asks if they have heard of the Farrani Corps and though they do not seem to know much about our worlds but they seem to understand the Farrani Corps and that they are part of it.

Their magic systems depend on pulleys and levers it seems though it is hard for us to understand.

Gerald heads back to Draena’s ship and informs her of the situation and that they apparently mean us no harm.

After much discussion we learn that they are not as magically inclined as we and believe in Argenta only as a mythical creature until our skill and assurances convinces them. Over the course of our conversation with the it seems that they have far less understanding of the magic than we do and thought they can speak the language of meaning to a reasonable degree.

Their technology seems to be more advanced than our own, however.

Alice overhears them speaking in an officers meeting and they all seem convinced of our magical prowess and the truth of their legends. They also determine that they should quickly leave so as not to become entangled in the trials of our world.

At one point in the afternoon Violet, Gerald and the crew members practice shooting with the weapons of these people.

After some time they make a decision to stay with us for the most part. One of the ships head back to their land to report while the others determine to stay with us to learn more about our magical ways.

Just then someone comes down with a message “Captain there are ships approaching and one is burning to the water line!”

We rush up and see a fire ship and several others making their way towards us.

We explain the situation to them as best we can and begin to make plans to escape or otherwise defend ourselves.

Seasons: 2

Game 19: Desperate Times Call for Desperate Measures


By the time we get out to the ruins it is midday. We spend the afternoon looking for the precise location of the sunken fortress. Alice and Arthur try to look into the water. Alice sees a ridge in the water with large unnatural blocks of stone five hundred feet below the water.

The area is teeming with aquatic life, including large slow creatures as large as the ship we are on. Alice sees that the aura is in the form of a tent that forms into a column as if there were an invisible tower or that were a way into the area. But the aura also covers the whole bottom of the ridge. She then examines the area for a regio. But she could not see any regios of any kind. Alice recognizes that the aura is a level 6 in the towers and a bit lower in the base.

We are spelled to be able to breathe underwater and so that we will sink and so that we can see in the dark. Draena reminds us to keep an eye on the sun. We took off most things that would be ruined underwater and Gerald teleported us down.

When we are down there we see that there are no intact buildings and see no signs of mortar or joining materials. All that seems to have survived are the giant stones, however. The giant behemoth creatures swimming around cannot be communicated with by either Qureine or Gerald. After about 2 hours of searching Alice sees a magical item down in one of the cracks in the column. Violet leads the way down there and in the pitch black it appears that within these cracks some sort of weird coral is growing. Gerald begins to glow and we see that it is the varied forms of coral that is glowing. Arthur determines that this coral is not growing naturally and there is a large amount of red coral but different kinds of it. Red coral has particular properties of protection against demons. Alice looks again for in Infernal regio but does not sense anything. Violet looks into the area to see if there is any minerals and finds a pile of shells. She, Gerald, and Arthur continue casting but Alice quickly surpasses them all.

She identifies something beneath one of the ship sized stones and Violet shatters a hole in it for us to find the chambers below.

We find a room with many glass sarcophagi and begin to transport them up to the surface. As we exit something seems to drop to the ocean floor. Some sort of flesh. After closer inspection it appears to be some sort of food as if for the giant fish. Gerald sees several ships above and teleports to investigate to see additional ships around ours. He returns to us and Alice and he say that they appear to be hunting the fish. They appear to be whalers of some kind but rather than risking my own health to heal the creature I warn the others to not eat the meat that is thrown in the water. Meanwhile Violet has transported the sarcophagi onto Draena’s ship.

The sarcophagi contain a few weapons and armor but nothing else of note. The coral that we brought up is terram vis and based on the amount that we gathered and the amount still below we estimate that there are approximately 200 pons of vis.

Arthur questions Draga’s mind and she tries to get him to let her go. Meanwhile Draena reminds Gerald and Violet of their agreement to kill her rather than let Draga escape. Arthur convinces her to remain for a small time.

We spend some time to gather more coral and Arthur converts it quickly to a more manageable and usable format. Alice makes coral rings while Qureine chooses a beaded necklace.

After some time Alice and Gerald do a fortune reading to determine the future of our group if we stay for some time to gather enough terram vis from the coral.

There is still some dependence upon which order of trees that we visit but the sense that Gerald understands is that we will have conflict at each engagement. The queen has demons which allows the to defy various magical laws. She also has huge armies of mercinaries and moderate forces of navy and marine Peratornins.

We form another plan to return to the skeleton of the fallen dragon, raising it and trying to convince it to enforce the pact of the gods. We learn that we will succeed if we do this in protecting the silver isle but at the cost of the lives of 80% of the adult humans on the planet.

We discuss and agree that it is better to protect the Silver Isle through enforcing the Pact of the Gods rather than fighting the queen directly.

In that future the corps is a secret society and does not grow in status but continues on in the world full of Ignition by whaling. An important group of Farrani is able to succeed in government. Our legacy will live on.

+3 Seasons, +194 pons of terram vis

Game 18: Kiss of Flame and Steel

Arthur communicates with us and learns that we have lost the staff and quickly turns his ship around with several of our companions. We head quickly to Orghen to convince the other Farrani to leave the area and to reach the tree to enter the regio and communicate with our ancestors. We sail to the west coast and prepare to run inland as wolves. We convince them fairly easily to get on the boats and to get them away on the boat. Gerald proposed that instead of running he and Violet make us float above the trees and Gerald teleports us to the tree very quickly. We float down and begin to pass through the regio.

Gerald, Qureine, and Violet begin to protect the tree while Arthur and Alice enter the regio. Immediately upon entering the regio Arthur makes eye contact with a spirit and thoroughly probes his mind for the answers to the questions.

We have questions prepared for the ancestors.
What are the terms of the Pact of the Gods? – The Kharazed did not make the pact of the Gods but they understand that the Gods decided that it was time to move on from the world, to withdraw to allow for the natural races to grow, the remnants of the relations with humans and that in that case the Pact of the Gods they will be removed from the realm in some way. The Kharazed “ascend.”
Are any of the other Gods opposed to the Galarands? – The Gods were all agreeable such that they came up with the Pact and not enemies among themselves though there were occasional conflicts among their followers. He has no insight into their current motivations to attack the Silver Isle.
Are there are descendants of the other Gods in this world and how can we identify them? – Before the first age four of the Gods had races that mingled with humans. There could be descendents of the Divine and the Fay (Argenta being the Magic and Aurex being the Infernal) still in the world but he had no specific information.
Would Argenta prefer that the Silver Isle be attacked by Galarands or cut off from our world entirely? – His impression is that it would be better to be invaded than sealed off entirely.
What would they like us to do if we can’t stop them from burning the trees? – He has no understanding of what is going on outside of this regio and the trees were planted after his time.
Where are the other relics and powerful regios? – He has no knowledge of these things.

Arthur and Alice return appearing happy and confident. Gerald speaks with them while Alice and Qureine continue to attempt to protect the tree. We all spend time to protect the tree from fire through illusion, creation of fire breaks, and the like. We study our flowers in the shadow of the tree and we all protect it to the best of our abilities.

Arthur questions the tree and it tells him more about what is going on in the forest, that the fires have been going on for more than a day and it has no memory of a fire this intense or destructive in its long life.

We float up again and Gerald takes us to the tree on the North. It is about half the size of the former tree. Alice identifies a trace of a magic regio. She enters for a brief moment while the rest of us wait and measure the time that passes. Violet and Qureine wait with an appearance of age while Gerald and Arthur hide a ways away. Alice returns after a half hour of our waiting and protecting the tree a bit to describe a forest with apparently non magical flowers and no structures that she could discern. After we laughingly explain our prank on her. Alice took arcane connections to both of them so as to scry on them.

We head out to the ship and shortly after we are under way, Captain Draena’s familar, Talon, reports to her and she relays that most of the ships that were at the south of the island have sailed away towards Peratorna.

We determine to head to the ruins where we could have air in our lungs and ability to see in the dark so that we can explore the ruins. Meanwhile we formulate a plan to also determine what had happened with the Peratornin army and Draena convinces us that that is more urgent than investigating the ruins.

Alice makes everyone invisible except Arthur and he questions the person on the ship to ask where the captain is. He also mind probes the person. There was a popular uprising in Peratorna that the ships have returned to suppress that. The Queen had returned as well with some “resources” and her strange allies had disagreed with her rolling barrels up on the shore and doing things with it. There is some misunderstanding as to if we are leaving or not. Alice confirms that the ship is not lead lined for explosion. Violet and Gerald kill the soldiers on the ship and follow along. Alice and Qureine follow.

The soldiers who remain are questioned and dispatched, though what remained on the island are rather old or young. Not the main force of the army almost certainly. Arthur learns that they know nothing of the destruction and sacrifice of the fleet in the north. He learned that a man transported in a metal coffin is the power behind the seeing eye ships. The rebellion in Peratornin is the king’s illigetimate son who has begun the uprising in the queen’s absence. The queen does not have any heirs. The people are somewhat divided in that some support the queen and others believe that there is something evil about her.

We kill the remainder of the people on the island and burn their ships and head off to investigate the ruins.

+2 Seasons

Game 17: Lost and Gone

Alice keeps an eye on the ships while we rest or head to our ships to reconvene. She reports that they are re-configuring with the fire ship in the center of two rows heading to the center of the line of fires. Alice can see that the rune sailed ship is in the back of the ship. Then she says that the crew of the ships are dropping from the rigging and the deck as if they have suddenly lost their life force. Qureine is worried that they are trying to create more fire ships. Violet and Alice take turns destroying the ships where they can starting with Alice destroying the runic sail. Violet then destroys the sail of one of the first ships. Our ships are given the signal to turn north to put as much distance as possible between us and the others. The ships hit the wall of fire and begins to burn, it also begins to head North as if it is coming after us at a greater speed than previously but not quite as fast as our ships. We slowed them down as much as possible to ensure that our ships could escape. When Qureine is rested she joins in as well.

Alice sees a metal column with a person looking at our invisible ship hidden on the deck of the fire ship. She does not detect any scrying spells though. Violet is not able to cast a spell to destroy His Terrible Symmetry and goes to hand the staff to Gerald but Alice and Qureine, who is standing beside Violet, see Gerald behind Violet as well. Qureine, also reaching for the staff, noticed that there were two Gerald’s and immediately attempted to wrest the staff from him, but fails. Gerald shoots him in the face and attempts to paralyze him but it does not seem to work even though a large portion of his head disintegrated. The false Gerald then passes the staff into his body and begins to move towards the railing. Violet inflicts a heavy wound with her gun. Alice also attacks the creature and the creature crumbles further leaving a slime of rotten egg smell.

Alice turns us invisible and Gerald begins to teleport us while Alice collects the Vim Vis. Gerald attempts to teleport Violet but the ship is somehow resisting the effort to teleport. Alice is fairly certain that there is an infernal regio through the line of oil on the water. Violet convinces Draena to sail into the regio and check in with Arthur to let the fleet know that we may be late to get to the port of call, Marjura on the sourhern coast of Kmorda.

We head into the regio, protecting the ship as we go. We see a large flat land mass with clouds circling it to the south and the smell of sulfur encompasses us. There are ships here about 200 ships similar to His Terrible Symmetry. We can not detect the staff any longer, can not make our way through the fleet here and decide to head back before the oil slick entrance closes. As we are exiting the rift we notice that the stars in this sky are not the ones that we are familiar with and we are all glad that we have made it out in time.

Immediately the air smells sweet and clear and we breathe a sigh of relief.

We are all feeling rather defeated at the knowledge that we have gained. Gerald mentions off handedly that the Galarands that we have been fighting would have to break the pack of the Gods in order to attack us or the Silver Isle. Violet goes to Draga to ask about who we should contact about the Pact of the Gods that is currently being infringed upon. Draga informs us of the other gods that she knows of.

Our goals are the following:
1) Go back to the tree on Orghin and determine if they have any ancient lore, Investigate the ruins near the mouth of the island Orghin
2) Go back to the graveyard of the Kharazed to get more information and try to convince them that the Pact was in danger
3) Capture and interrogate a galarand descendant for more information
4) Seek out the other casches and trees to get more lore, allies, magical powers
5) Go to the Ill-kin to get information from them about their connections with the gods
The ultimate goal would be to try to contact and unify other mystical beings to maintain the Pact of the Gods.

Gerald and Alice burn Animal Vis following our lives as we follow the list above.

They get a sense of great doom and a burning island. They see that in a short time our enemy would learn the secrets of the staff after which things accelerate more quickly. All the forces congregating in this area seeking the staff will all be diverted to Orghin with the sense of a burning island again. The queen determines the secrets of the staff and it is Orghin that burns as she tries to burn the trees as quickly as she can. It will devastate or wipe out the line of Farrani on that island as well as perhaps damage the Regio in that area. The staff would come to her through her allies. They get the sense that we will survive Orghin but it is either too late or we closely escape. We are to discover an important clue at the graveyard of the Kharazed.

We unanimously agree that this is a bad plan and try to determine a new one.

1) Go back to Orghin and warn the Farrani as we use the tree to teleport to Peratornin and intercept the staff before it gets to the queen.
2) Go back to Orghin with the staff and try to defend the island

Two more pons of Animal vis are spent and the following is read.

Alice determines that we will successfully get to our destination but have no hope when we arrive of achieving our goals as we will be nowhere near the queen when we arrive.

Two more vis are spent telling the fortune of the staff as we try to get it back from the queen at all costs.

Alice determines that the staff will soon come into the hands of the enemy. Many of its powers will be discovered but there is a sense that it will be less useful in the hands of the enemy. Most of the impact that it will have will be based not on the power that the queen will gain but in the fear and paranoia that she will gain as a result.

Gerald proposes that we begin to destroy the artifacts to prevent the queen from gathering their power. Qureine proposes that we go to the regio to get as much information as possible about the pact and the artifacts and how to destroy them while hiding the others in magical realms.

Alice reads for the silver isle. In a range of possibility the silver isle is invaded or the silver isle can never be reached again but in any case we are the architects of any fate that were to befall it. Some of the better outcomes seem to be that we will delay the queen for a long time, in the range of 20 years. Alice is also able to narrow down the number of trees that have any impact on the future of the island. If there is one thing that we learn, it is not the items that allow the queen to invade the silver isle but they would speed her path.

Game 16: Through Hell and High Water

We discuss the plan to escape the three fleets and determine that heading west, into the smaller fleet of the fire ship, would be the most strategically bold plan which would result in the fewest losses. The fleet would be mostly focused on breaking through and getting to safety while our ship would try to eliminate as many ships in their fleet as possible.

Gerald teleports Draena to each ship she casts the hulls to iron and the wind in the sails spells. As we proceed west we get within sight of a huge smoke bank and Alice, Arthur and Violet could see through it to determine the formation of ships. The fleet is ordered to go north to break across the top of the fleet. Gerald gives us wards and bonuses.

Then Gerald teleports us, invisible thanks to Alice, to the largest cannon ship. First Violet, to the forecastle of a giant ship and within a few steps of someone with a spyglass, then Arthur, as Violet puts the man to sleep. Then Alice is teleported. Violet, meanwhile disguises herself as the man she has put asleep and thin slits his throat. Alice begins scanning the ship for whatever information she can gather and Arthur heads aft to find the captain. Then Qureine is teleported and stands near Alice as she investigates the ship for whatever she sees and hears in the ship. Violet kills the man and turns him to dust. Arthur makes it to the quarter deck. Alice reports to Qureine, who passes the information along, that the ship is not fully manned.

Arthur becomes visible and casts his spell to be recognized as a natural leader, that he is from “His Terrible Symmetry” and that there is a change in orders. The other man on the deck runs to the edge and pulls on a rope to sound an alarm bell of some sort. Qureine notices that the two ships on either side are beginning to run up blue flags as some sort of signal. Violet and Arthur approach the people nearest them. Arthur making the man ringing the bell fall asleep, and asking the captain to report on the status of his ship. Alice begins to scry the 5th deck and sees 400 people on the floor being interrupted in some sort of religious ceremony that is concluding with the sounding of the bell. Qureine stops the ship behind from raising their flag which caused all of the flags to fall. Arthur orders the captain to begin the process of readying the ship for battle for there are traitors on the other ships. Qureine breaks the second signal flag and begins resting with the fatigue.

Arthur learns about the flag system while Gerald continues down to the 4th deck below. The captain understands his duty with Arthur’s orders, to begin firing on the other ships. Gerald and Violet suddenly notice that there is an enormous quantity of high quality gun powder on the ship such that it would explode spectacularly as if it were a trap.

Violet communicates to Alice that the ship is filled with gunpowder and that we need to get off of it immediately. Gerald teleports to the fourth ship in the second column with the fire ship, it too appears to be mostly deserted. Alice describes to us the danger that we are in as Gerald appears and begins to teleport us back to Draena’s ship. Just before a large boom percusses beneath us as all cannons fire on the ships to our sides. Arthur is teleported first, Violet fires the heavy cannon, causing the following ship to be nearly torn apart. Violet is deafened from from the blast. Qureine is teleported off next. Violet is teleported, after being made invisible again. Alice watches as someone from the ship, who had set up the explosion, dives over the side, she is teleported and then Gerald follows. Some 20 seconds later we see a firey column rise from behind the line of smoke.

We rest. Violet’s hearing returns slowly. Alice ascertains that we have stopped two ships but the others appeared to be fine. Though Gerald reported that the other ship he had teleported to had been similarly laid out. We begin to formulate a plan to set off additional bell alarms to see if we can get additional ships to blow themselves up. After checking in on our labs.

+3 seasons

Game 15: Moonshadow

We stay with the White Mountain folks a few days to learn about their traditions and become more comfortable in our wolf skin. Arthur speaks with the Elders and Elder Ben hesitates though it seems that he trusts us because we learned to take the wolf shape.

In the past ten days, it seems, the tree had spoken for the first time in their life times to request that we hide and protect it. We offer our assistance in that endeavor. We approach the huge tree, easily 100 feet tall and about as wide, with the Elders escorting us. They lead us through a maze of brambles and we are brought into the presence of the massive trunk.

Alice uses a spell to cloak the use of strong magics such as from the staff. Qureine uses the staff and the name that the people know for this tree.

Can you tell me your name? – Orghim
It was activated 12 days ago.
It then asks if we want it’s report. – We reply that we do. And Qureine repeats all of it All events appear to be within perceptive range of the forest.
Based on the description of a particular cluster of stars Alice determines that the last report was approximately 800 years ago. The tree made its last report to someone who did not give it a name.
It gives me the names of the other Sentinel trees. It does not know if any of the other trees are active or in danger. It says that the last 100 years it has been asleep.
Realizing that it does not have information about the last 30 years we ask about the last 12 days. It informs us that there has been a great deal of magic trying to bend the forest to a foreign will. The forces will eventually penetrate the forest unless we stop that which is probing.
It says that there is another Sentinel tree on the Northern area of the island.
We also ask if it knows of any Farrani item stores nearby which it says might be present in the sunken fortifications on the south west edge of the island.
It reluctantly informs us that there is a Regio where we are the path of which seems to line up directly with the path that Argenta took from the tree to visit us. Alice can see it indeed. The tree tells us that in the Regio is a graveyard for Kahrazed and doors into further realms where we might find Argenta but are not strong enough to make the journey most likely.

We debate entering the Regio and consult the stars but are unsure if we want to go or not. If we will lose too much time and endanger the school. It is revealed that there will be an encounter with the school and the navy of our enemies but that we will be able to reach them in time and have a conversation with our ancestors if we go in.

Alice takes us in. There is a dense fog and the feeling of being surrounded by a storm. She leads us towards 6 or 7 pink dots of light and as we approach the bits of color are actually flowers connected to ivy that goes over a stone building of some kind. We see a stone door in the wall and Qureine uses the staff to coax the vines out of they way without damaging them. She identifies the flowers as being of this realm and not of the world we came from. Violet smelled the flower and noticed that she could see more clearly through the haze. When we learn that the door is part of the structure not an actual door and Gerald teleports Violet through the wall. Alice tries to stop him because on the other side of the wall is just a hole but it is too late. She falls and quickly casts a spell on herself to float and slowly begins to rise back up to the top of the shaft. There is no light besides that of the flower, which she pulls out to see better by. Violet descends again and begins to hear the sound of the wind again and sees silver glowing orbs and the wind howls louder until she sees humanoid shapes in the shaft.

Alice sees everything around Violet due to an arcane connection. Gerald makes us each float and then teleports us through the wall. Violet holds out the flower but they show no interest. She then begins the prayer to Argenta and the spirits swirl around her, their large silver eyes watching her, piling around her.

As we reach the bottom and are surrounded in the swirling mists of the spirits’ Arthur asks one of the beings how we can communicate with them. He learns that they are forbidden to speak with us as they are bound with a Pact of the Gods. We do learn that this is where the souls of the dead go and in the bottom of this well they can manifest.

Arthur collects the flowers that he can and takes them with us as Alice leads us back out of the Regio.

The wolves all rush over to us and inform us that the sun has changed several times. Alice learns that it has been 40 days since we entered. Arthur communicates with and learns that the fleet has anchored in a cove to the north west. We realize that our eyes are somewhat luminescent as the silver of our ancestors had been. Violet causes our eyes to look more normal, except for Arthur.

The tree reports that there is a strange magical ship that has traveled several times around the island.

We determine that first we need to reunite with our fleet in the northwest, then sail south around the west side of the island, investigating the sunken ruins as we go and eliminate the ship and the fortifications on our way.

We offer to take Ben and about 8 of the other young people to teach them our techniques and so that we can learn theirs. Gerald examines the flower and learns so much from it that we all choose to examine our own flowers. One is destroyed in the process but we each have one spare.

Two days later we reach the coastline and get on Draena’s ship in the fog bank. We all gather and update Draena on the route back to the fleet.

Draga comes up and tells us that she learned from Ben that there was a way for people to step through the trees and exit through another one of them. Draga knows of a spell to pass through one location of magic to another. That the spells would be far beyond our abilities and knowledge but if we could unlock it it would be possible to travel between them instantaneously

We express eagerness to get back with the fleet and as we arrive we see a distant sail approaching and reading their signals learn that there are a bunch of ships following shortly behind it… The fire ship is among them and we know we will be surrounded but we must decide if we want to go into the ice in the North, or which of the wings of the fleet to confront.

+2 Seasons, -2 animal vis for astrology rolls

Game 14: The Sentinel and the Moon

We head out and over the course of the ten days that it takes us to get to the Orghin coast discuss our plans to revive the 2nd ages Naval tradition. When we get there Draena informs us that some new force has set up, on the southern most tip of the Island, a military encampment with regular naval patrols of the trade routes. We determine that the best plan would be for the majority of the fleet to go into the northern harbor for shelter while we take Draena’s ship up the river.

Qureine determined that the staff is made of the heart of an ancient oak and over 1000 years old. She takes further care to protect the staff with this knowledge.

We see a large, sturdy construction with Peratornin flags and one ship with mystical markings on the side. It appears to be the magical language of the Galarands. Alice notices that it appears to be heading our direction as if it is circling the island in that direction. It has active magic on the sail and ropes on the ship. There is a normal crew for that size of ship. Gerald is able to determine that the magic built into the sail is part of a network to detect magic. We disagree as to how to deal with the ship and as we turn up the river it sails on as if it has not noticed us at all.

We sail north in our invisible ship into the heart of Orghin. Two days up the river, the first mate speaks quietly with Draena and she points out something caught in the vegetation of the shoreline. Alice sees that it is covered with moss above the water but it is clearly man made in nature. Based on the moss it appears to have been there for a year or more.

Gerald teleports us over to it and Qureine speaks with the moss and wood of the structure. When we get to it it is simple to determine that it some sort of wooden vessel 15 to 20 paces in length. Alice views the structure. The structure slowly rises, an old life boat from a medium to small sized ship, when Qureine focuses on it. There are no bodies about though.

We continue up river but, even invisible, feel very vulnerable as we travel up the river. Alice spots some wildlife.

On the third night we hear the sound of wolves. Qureine tells the others that they are hunting. As we get closer to our drop off point we find a small schooner with no sails. As if it had been here for a long time, listing in the shallows with broken mast. We take a life boat over to it and Violet peers inside of it. Gerald then teleports Violet over to the ship in one of the few secure locations due to the lilting angle. Violet is quite graceful but nearly falters. Then she leaps into the open hatch and below decks. Qureine stops the ship from moving and Alice can not see any magic items but Violet happily goes through everything. Violet takes the tabard of the apparently deceased owner of the armor.

She describes what she found and showed us the rotting tabard. Draena is familiar with the symbol and tells us of the Knights of the White Mountain as a religious order of knights that are loyal to Argenta and the Farrani.

We teleport in and eventually find some land formations that allow us to ascend quite easily. Eventually we get to a landing and find a circle of stone as if from a camp fire. Just past midday we achieve the top of the first set of peaks and see a pass through the mountains, overlooking the river. It would probably take us a day and a half to teleport through the mountain pass. Many teleportations later, through the cold mountains, Alice sees the tree ahead which is ridiculously large and we determine that it is too far to teleport but Qureine makes wolves for us to ride through the woods. Gerald, Qureine and Violet feel the freedom of using their magic heavily for the first time.

Qureine senses that slightly north of our current path there are structures and a bit more openness. We find caves with the symbol of the White Mountain. Violet casts Eyes of the Cat on Alice, who then views into the cave and sees an apparent sarcophagus of stone. Gerald removes the stone cap from the door of the sarcophagus. Gerlad causes himself to glow. We see an epitaph carved in Kharazed talking about the life of Sir Tillious Tillum.

When we come out of the cave we find our wolves circled by about 20 native wolves who seem agitated. And then from out of the trees a man wearing a simple robe with a sword in his hand. He has a long brown beard with streaks of grey in it and raises his strong arm to point the sword to us.

One of the wolves approaches and turns into a human. Then, they all turn into humans. Arthur makes himself able to communicate with them. Violet, Arthur and Alice communicate our situation and they invite us along with them. We ride our wolves and follow along behind them. Sir Jess, Sir Tillum’s squire, and Ben (the lead wolf), communicate about their order and history. Violet said something indicating that Flash had ascended and we have his notes before realizing that she shouldn’t talk about it and Alice quickly casts a scrying spell to make sure that we are not being watched.

They inform us that the tree awakened 11 days ago, when we were scrying on the tree. We explain that we fear the queen is seeking mystical locations and artifacts and destroying them. Ben suggests that we speak to the elders at some point and that we will reach the tree by the following night.

Towards the evening we get up again and head off into the night. We make it to the sentinel tree before full night, near abruptly due to being obscured by trees. There are another 20 or so people there. These simple, peaceful people bring us into their midst and introduce us to the Elders. Introductions are passed around and we begin to eat cooked meat together.

We display some of our powers, Gerald glows and floats. In the language of meaning we can tell that they are impressed but only on a technical level. He then teleports Qureine behind them and they seem more impressed.

Violet harms and then heals Alice for their demonstration.

We participate in a ritual that is a way to commune with the Gods. Beautiful streamers come from our hands and we seem lost in a trance. A beautiful woman comes out from the trees and she speaks from herself and the white wolves with her in the clearest language of meaning we have ever encounter. She introduces herself as Elder and says that we should have been looking for her sooner. That it is very important.

Arthur asks how we can serve and seek her. She responds that she does not answer questions or interfere in the world of men.

There is some eating and drinking and howling at the unnaturally large moon.

After a time she walks with her white wolves into the forest and in a moment we can see sunlight and are suddenly aware that there is no moon visible and it is midday. We sit up groggily and look about ourselves.

When we wake we are encouraged to take the form of wolves and though we feel as if we should be able to do so… and we are.

+3 Seasons

Game 13: Leaving Home For Good

We know that we need to get the students from the school and put them on the ships so that they can learn on the seas. In order to do that we must reunite the fleet. The captains are given their ships back with their loyalties and an Arcane connection to each of them. The Admiral was appraised by Tabitha of the situation.

A few days later we reach the shipyards and there is a green flag flying. Lt. Tereine met us there and informed us that the Illkin had left at some pre-approved time. Some Peratornin had apparently tried to meet up with them but the Farrani had captured them. A dispatch that was captured indicated that they were going to return to Betreland and concentrate their efforts there. An invaluable artifact had been found one Stave Abieterius, the Wood Dueler’s Staff. Draga describes this item to us and the thirteen others that were created in this age, fourteen in all.

A staff of medium hardness wood, set with 20 different multi colored gems. Supposedly the staff let you command the forces of wood and speak to all the sentinels around the world. The Ashwood Staff in Qureine’s possession appears that it could have been something similar to it though it is not made of oak as the sentinels are reported to be.

Draga describes the others as well including the Ignius Crown was supposed to give mastery over fire.

We are fairly certain that we should leave the school but want to wait to do an astronomy check to determine the best course of action.

Qureine attempted to contact one of the sentinel trees. She finds one on the map northwest mountain range about ten miles away from the school. This matches up with the dead tree that we had found. There were four others on the islands around Peratornin and one in a continent to the North.

Alice did astronomy to determine the best course of action using the map that night on the ship. She reads the fortune of the students of the Betreland Farrani Academy. With the conditions that we have set, that we will protect and evacuate the castle in four days, she reads: The wind will be favorable going west in the immediate future. A sense that the students will return to the naval traditions of the second age and be quite prosperous at it. The school will grow rather than shrink as the overall future. Qureine suggests asking Draga to tell us about the second age. Qureine determines that the best time to move the school would be immediately. We head back into port and begin to make arrangements for the others to head to the school to evacuate and move on. Gerald then teleports us and Captain Draena to the castle and we begin to work. Draena begins mobilizing the students.

Violet packs up the library. Arthur gets the students into work parties to prepare some food for the journey. Violet searches room by room with magical sight to ensure that we are not missing anything. Gerald spends time in his lab and packs up the school labs.

Together we work to determine the best way to hide and protect the castle. Draena also wants us to burn the castle. She says that particularly the Galarands have a means of discerning illusions. We reluctantly agree that that is the best plan and may even cause a delay if they are searching for us.

Alice learns that the strongest aura regio is in Peratornin but the next highest is in the island to the north which would make a good base for our navy, at level five.

Violet, Gerald, Alice and Qureine experiment in the labs. Violet spilled a little of her concoction though and the next morning she and Alice see a few apparently reanimated Peratornin ambling around in the fields. They appear to be magically reanimated corpses who had been dead for a few weeks. Gerald teleports us to the area where they are and flies down after us. We kill the creatures and head back to the castle. The healing properties of this land become legend.

Draena and Terrine mention that the aegis is weakened as if it had been drained (Alice had gathered some Vim Vis from the atmosphere).

We burn the castle down and disguise it to the best of our ability and head back to the boats.

+2 Seasons

Party Vis: Violet is carrying 4 Tainted Ignum Vis and 5 personal Corpus Vis. Alice has some personal Vim Vis. Gerald and Arthur have their own personal resources. Qureine is holding the remaining 5 Animal, 4 Herbalm, 7 Tainted Ignum Vis for the party.

Game 12: Invisible Ship

We have determined that we must capture whomever we can and then sink the ship to prevent any information to get out about us. We ensure that we are all protected and invisible, that the crew is prepared to capture any prisoners that we send back. Arthur gains influence over the young man acting as captain and goes below deck. Violet also goes down below ship to determine the situation. Qureine waits beside her with the staff at ready and Gerald appears beside her.

Violet finds a several rooms as she goes through the ship and Arthur finds Roderigo, which Alice conveys to us and Gerald and Qureine go below to collect the body. Qureine determines that he has been dead from about the same time that the captains lowered in their small boat. Alice determines that there appear to be no magical means keeping this ship afloat and that it would be about 45 minutes before the other ships get within range. Violet, meanwhile, begins to rig up an explosion which would easily destroy the ship. The carpenter and the ship’s “captain” are brought to our ship and Gerald, the last to transport back to the ship, lights the powder trail and returns to the ship.

A muffled explosion occurs and the ship quickly sinks. We report to Captain Draena and ask if she has ever seen the likes of that ship and if she has any idea if we could destroy it. She identifies it as a man-o-war but too magical to fully understand. We determine that we should not attack it at this time.

As we retreat we observe the man-o-war. It appears that there are humanoid shapes moving within the fires of the deck and Gerald and Qureine discuss if it would be an infernal vessel or a vessel with only the images of flames in place.

Roderigo admitted to assassinating Tabitha because he was afraid she would discover what he was planning. His contact with the Peratornin fleet, a Captain Dark in his mind, who would be his ally in the coming months. He describes the Captain who would appear to him after dark… Ultimately he was their “inside man” in the Betraland navy, they were using him to gather information and recruit the nobility of the navy. Those within the group note that his description of the Captain appears to match that of the infernal creature, the Vampire. Violet preserves the body.

The prisoners in the hold reveal that it was Pistio who stabbed Roderigo and likely killed two of the nobility in the night but, despite telling them about the powers of the Queen, they thought killing Roderigo would be best and told Pistio to do it.

The nobles would prefer a situation where we allow them to save face or at the very least not be executed. They swear to be our advocates among the nobles if we do.

We determine a possible course of action and check the stars but they indicate that it will be disastrous if we follow that plan. All ships burned to the waterline.

We learn more about the situation and our possible futures. There is not enough information to determine what could be creating the fire ship or how we can defeat it with our current resources. Arthur contacts Bella and arranges for the fleet to sail west for one to two days and return if he is does not contact them before then.

After developing a new plan of action Qureine scries the stars and sees only vague ideas for the fleet. Images that include barrels of rum and lemons in the waters. We decide to carry on leaving bits of flotsam in the waters behind us so that they can contact us in the case we do not contact them.

We allow fog to cloak us during the dawn so that we can recreate our invisibility. We hide and protect the ship as much as possible with Draena’s skills and push ahead.

At dawn we see them. They are arranged in a long line and Alice can see the burning ship and the long line of black sails travelling behind it.

We hold our breaths as we make a pass by the fire ship and Qureine detects five to a side, slightly aft of midship, hidden ports in the sides of the ship. We pass near enough to pick out details, including huge cannons on the front of one of the pirate ships and markings in the wood, learning the name of the fire ship is His Terrible Symmetry. We manage to pass through the fleet undetected and continue on towards the rendezvous point.

+2 Seasons

Game 11: In Pursuit of the Dead

There is a large commotion among all of the people present. While Violet is regaining consciousness, animated by Gerald, Qureine keeps watch over the faces of the crowd. Arthur faces Tabitha and Draena. He communicates with Tabitha that we need to identify the accomplice of the murderer. Then tells the Admiral to bring the staff back into the room. Alice keeps watch over the ship and those who leave the room in the aftermath.

Tabitha identifies two likely staff but neither Arthur nor Alice’s attempts to know their minds reveal anything but their innocence.

We make our way back to our boat to revive Violet, with the understanding that the Admiral will wait until a later date to question Rodrigo and the other ships that abandoned after our display. We learn that Rodrigo, hoping to be named Admiral, had gone back to the king. Alice points out that there must have been a pre planned signal already in place rather than a reaction to the resurrection. Over half of the navy still remains, however, and could still be convinced to our aid.

As we are discussing our resources, the first mate comes into the room saying that we should be coming along side the Lord Rodrigo’s ship. Gerald teleports us onto the aft deck. Arthur arrives and clears his throat followed by Qureine who creates a light source, followed by Alice, invisible, then Violet with her gun drawn and finally Gerald. Alice and Arthur learn that Rodrigo is not on this ship but they were prepared to cause a distraction. Two other names were provided of those involved in the plan. Alice attempted to obtain an arcane connection to Rodrigo but can not identify anything that is his.

Draena learns more about the destination of Rodrigo as he has likely boarded another ship to the north. Draena’s concern is that following Rodrigo will cost us valuable time and she later confides with us that our current plan will cause word of our resistance back to the Queen more rapidly.

We head back to the Admiral’s boat and return Tabitha and assign Bella to the ship. If the Admiral goes along with our orders he will go to the Farrani shipyards to protect our castle from further invasion and we travel along to chase Rodrigo’s escape. Arthur provides a reading of Rodrigo’s future and we learn that he will be stabbed to death in the near future.

While we are eating breakfast the first mate comes down and lets us know that there is a sail on the horizon. Draena creates holes beneath the waterline to slow the ship down. After some time we do not appear to be gaining on them any longer but a smaller boat is lowered into the water with some of the captains apparently in it. Arthur tells them to row southwest (towards us) but a fight breaks out instead.

Qureine uses the staff to destroy the mast which caused the ship ahead to effectively stop. They quickly try to cut away the dragging mast. Another mast is destroyed and we continue to gain on them.

We get closer to the small boat and Gerald teleports us over so that we can question them. Arthur gains control of the situation and begins questioning them. Gerald then teleports the sailors back to Draena’s ship where Violet maintains control of the situation and directs them to the brig.

As we continue towards the ship we eventually see that there appears to be a distant bonfire on the water. Alice sees that beyond the ship that we were pursuing, as we are nearly upon it, there is a large ship with burning masts which is spewing fire and there are other ships with black sails surrounding it in formation.

2 Seasons


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