Rituals: Aphelion ritual spells can be lower than level 20.

Repeating Momentary Effects: A spell that would normally be an instant in application, but is drawn out to a longer-than-Momentary Duration to repeat itself each turn requires an additional magnitude. This makes Coat of Flame a level 30 spell.)

New Range (“Shot”): Spells with this range can only be used while shooting a hand-held firearm; the spell is cast simultaneous to firing the weapon. The magus normally suffers a penalty in casting for using no gestures unless she has one hand empty to gesture with, as in the case of using a single pistol.

If the target is hit by the shot, it is affected (within the spell’s “range”) along with the harms associated with being shot. If the bullet misses or is deflected by magic, the spell is still cast (potentially causing fatigue loss for the caster or inflicting Twilight in the case of a botch) but it has no effect because the target was not within range. Vis cannot be expended to boost a spell with the Shot range, except in the case of black pearls. (See the Hermetic Magic page for details.)

The Shot range is equivalent to Touch range for the purpose of determining spell levels.

Optimization: The Aphelion Tradition emphasizes four types of magic, listed below. If optimization applies in more than one way or from more than one source, no additional benefits are had. Optimization affects all Aphelion magic: all types of spellcasting and even investments created in the laboratory.

When a base effect is “optimized,” subtract two magnitudes from any spell based on it. Ritual versions of such spells are cast at the same speed as normal formulaic spells.

  • Intellego effects allowing communication with inanimate or non sapient things are optimized. This includes speaking with animals, bodies of water, air, plants, fires, rocks, or magical creatures of various realms.
  • Animal effects creating, targeting, or relating to wolves are optimized. This does not apply to effects invested into a wolf familiar, unless those target the wolf familiar itself or other wolves.
  • Corpus spells that heal Wound Levels, even injury caused by poisons or diseases, are optimized.
  • Vim effects that detect, reveal, or identify magic are optimized, as are effects that reshape, transmute, or transfer raw vis.



A cloud of “fog” is still a natural phenomenon if it occurs on the ground, so long as it is near a large body of water and occurring at the right ambient temperature. A chilly morning is likely to have fog whereas a sunny afternoon is not.

Visibility through less than ten paces of natural fog (or heavy mist) is slightly restricted. Ranged attacks or sight-based Awareness checks suffer a one-point penalty. The penalty increases to two points between ten and twenty paces, and it is impossible to make out someone’s identity. Vision is completely obscured beyond twenty paces.

Smoke or “impenetrable fog” is more obscuring. It is almost always at least slightly unnatural, even under normal conditions. Ranged attacks or sight-based Awareness checks made through less than ten paces of the stuff suffer a two-point penalty and it is impossible to make out peoples’ identities without being close enough to touch them. Vision is completely obscured beyond ten paces.


Bonuses to Recovery rolls, such as those provided by certain Creo Corpus spells, divide the number of days needed between Recovery checks by the number of that bonus. To apply a Recovery bonus from a Creo Corpus spell, the effect must be lengthy, at least Moon Duration in a single casting.

Creo Corpus 75: Raise a dead human completely, curing all its wounds (ritual, requires a Mentem requisite).


Spells that create visual “invisibility” immediately cease if the invisible creature takes any overtly hostile action. This includes spells that shift the attacker’s apparent location or otherwise make it impossible to retaliate against the affected attacker. An “invisible” attacker gains bonus of +6 to her attack total before the magic fails and she becomes visible.


Creo Terram 3: Create gunpowder sufficient to fire a dozen bullets. This requires an Ignem requisite.

Rego Terram 3: Control or move dirt in a very unnatural fashion: Ward a target against a tiny amount of dirt, though you are not aware of its presence. When upgraded two magnitudes to affect metal, this blocks bullets, metal arrowheads, thrown coins, and anything of similar size. It does not repel minerals carried by the target, just small, rapidly approaching pieces. At this level, additional hits in the same round overwhelm the spell and are not affected.

Rego Terram 5: Control or move dirt in a very unnatural fashion: As above, but with no restriction on uses per round.


Intellego Vim General: Determine the powers in an enchanted device (ritual). All powers with levels equal to or lower than twice (the level of this spell + 15) are revealed. (The benefits of optimization are already included in this figure.)

Muto Vim 3: Make an active magical effect glow visibly. Vis and invested items also glow, even if they have no active magic on them. Subjects with Magic Resistance may resist. This requires an Imaginem requisite.

Muto Vim 10: Change the nature of vis (ritual). Vis associated with a Form cannot be converted into vis associated with a Technique and vice versa.

Muto Vim 15: Change the nature of vis (ritual). Vis can be converted between Form and Technique if desired.


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