The abstraction of “seasons” means that characters produce laboratory products in seemingly quick time. Such results are considered the culmination of ongoing work done in downtime, completed when the character spends her seasons.


Characters cannot invent spells with a level higher than 30.


Aphelion magic theory includes the ability to create “black pearls,” semi-invested objects that can apply vis to a magus’ Shot-range spellcasting. (Wizards cannot use raw vis in spellcasting spells with the Shot range except through the use of black pearls.)

The name “black pearl” refers to the shiny, pearlescent sheen that lead balls take on when infused with vis like this. This technique can affect loose or cartridge bullets, but cartridges are prefered because they can be easily color-coded to remind the user of the type(s) of vis within.

The wizard who creates black pearls spends a season to infuse one or more pawns of vis into one or more bullets. No more pawns than twice the wizard’s Magic Theory level can be infused per season. The vis used is not “cooked” by this technique, but it is “committed”; it cannot be used for any purpose except to affect Shot-range spells. Infused vis can be removed by the regular vis transfer laboratory method or such spells as Gather the Essence of the Beast, making it viable, raw vis again.

Vis infused into black pearls is amplified in effect. When the vis is expended to boost the casting of a Shot-range spell (see page 82-83), each pawn adds + 1 to the caster’s penetration total in addition to the normal bonus to casting. If the caster is using the Warlock Ability with the shot, this bonus applies to her Warlock penetration total as well.

Note that wizards are limited to the amount of each type of vis they can use in spellcasting. A wizard can also elect to use fewer pawns than are infused in a black pearl in order to reduce the risk of botching. Any infused pawns not used for the spell are simply wasted when the infused bullet is fired.


The total benefit of shape and material bonuses cannot exceed the wizard’s Magic Theory rating. The same restriction applies to the spellcasting bonuses of a talisman.

New Shape and Material Bonuses:

  • Bullet (individual or cartridge): +8 to harm faeries
  • Pistol: +5 to harm human and animal bodies, +4 to project bolt or other missile, +4 to destroy things at a distance
  • Musket: +5 to harm human and animal bodies, +6 to project bolt or other missile, +6 to destroy things at a distance


The “Effect Expiry” Effect Modification is not used in this chronicle.


Farrani wizards may not benefit from help in the laboratory.


Distraction does not penalize studying or laboratory work.


A Farrani wizard gains a +10 bonus on lab totals when bonding or empowering a wolf familiar. A Farrani wizard can also use any Technique + Form combination in her lab total when bonding a wolf as a familiar.


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