The Farrani Corps

1: Rescuing the Villagers

We were out on our patrols when we hear a rumor about a tribe of people about to be burned out of a village. We quickly rode to the village and found a building on fire and a mob gathering. My companions quelled the mob while I brought the fire under control.

We agreed to remove the tribe members from this village if they gave us supplies to ensure that they would be traveling safely and not die of exposure. We also ensured that their property is not destroyed and is seized for the Lord of the area rather than be burned. It was also revealed that a woman had been killed in the fire but it had not been intentional.

We took the tribe members to the town of the Lord and there made an arrangement that he would house, feed, and train these people so that they would be productive members of society in exchange for 10 pounds of silver from the Farrani corps.

We then returned to the castle to ask Flash for the 10 pounds of silver only to find the castle in an uproar and Flash apparently ascended. After some time we calmed the castle and began the process of trying to contact the other instructors.

2: Contacting the Teachers

Story Recap:

After discussing our plan of action for the school we convinced Terrine that we should go through the rooms of our absent instructors to find arcane connections to get in touch with them in hopes of notifying the of Flash’s departure. This would allow us to forgo a 40 day journey to the ships to send a letter and return.

We entered Rolf’s room to see if we could contact the Lapacada instructor. His room was warded by a door with no key or handle but Gerald teleported through the door. Arthur used his mirror to try to contact him but to no avail.

Shiloh’s room was also unsuccessful in finding a means of contacting her though Arthur managed to send a message to someone through their hair. Alice fondled her dresses but there was nothing within of much interest.

In the room of the Venatoran house instructor, when Gerald opened the door a spectral wolf lept out and tried to savage him. I was able to shoot it, and while my magic was ineffective, slay it without too much trouble. There was a warded circle within that we could not gain access to and Arthur was again, apparently, unsuccessful at contacting our instructors. After a bit of effort Arthur manages to spell something which destroys the ward around the sacks which caused Gerald some amount of pain. I managed to recast the ward spell to protect the grain within from pests.

The next room is for the Agonistica instructor. Known for aggressive magic and fire spells. Gerald is able to unlock the door without incident. He opens the door and a ring of fire encircles he and Violet. Gerald is able to get Alice and Arthur through the flames, Violet summoned a pile of dirt to suppress them as well as I am not able to do it myself. They investigate the room and after a time Terrine comes to investigate our progress. The fire did NOT go out when Gerald closed the door again but we hypothesized that it would go out after a certain amount of time.

We visited each of the instructors rooms that we can find but were not able to contact any of them successfully.

We confer with Terrine who agrees to take us down to the vault to see if there is any other connections or information. And also to determine if our resources can accommodate a 10 pounds silver reduction.

3: Leaving the Tower

Gerald mentioned that he thinks the wards of the castle may be attuned to humans now and that people might be trapped in their rooms. We got Terrine to go take roll of all of the students to make sure that everyone was accounted for and went down to the vault.

We get down to the vault which is locked but has a keyhole. Gerald managed to pick the lock and turn something into a lever to pull it open. Inside there were barrels, some with taps in them. Violet thinks that they might be vis in the barrels. Gerald senses if there is any silver in the room and it appears that all of the barrels on the bottom rack have silver in them. We pry one of them open and find silver ingots. A kingdom’s ransom.

We find food and wine and other provisions in the other barrels. Enough to keep the castle in a siege.

Violet and Alice take a bar to pay for the training of the 30 tribe members. The two visirs that Terrine sent with us who appear very interested in the barrels and their inventory. Eventually we all agree to take 20 lbs of silver. 10 to pay and 10 for our travels. Violet takes an extra bar (so does Alice but we don’t see that).

Gerald locks the door and we return to check on the other members.

We summarize what was done to Terrine and she informs us that she has halted all practical magics by the students until such time as other qualified mages are available. We prepare to go down to the village and pay our debt then return to the castle on our way to the ship yard.

Terrine assigns Allie and Bella to us and we promise to protect them with our life.

We pack up and leave after dawn the next day for the village. We head down and are escorted into the hall. The Lord reports that he has begun the investments that we had spoken of. We request a tour of the barracks that he will be building to the tribe members. He said also that he has something very important to tell us though. Arthur inquires as to his intentions to uphold the bargain which he assures us he will.

The other matter was to ensure that the neighboring lord was not sending more tribe members into his lands but the two squads that were sent have not returned. Violet inquires as to the possessions of one of the missing fellows in order to do an astrology chart on him.

Arthur and Alice hand over a bar of silver each. I inquire if there is sufficient silver to exchange for another bar of silver. He inquires with his man while we head out to the barracks to determine if there is a connection that can be made. Violet finds hairs of one of the soldiers and uses a quickly sketched map of Arthur’s to try to identify where the soldiers are.

She finds one of the men about 2/3 of the way to the destination and two others do not appear on the map so they are either dead or off the map.

We return to the conference room and Violet provides a bar of silver in exchange for a nearly equivalent weight in more manageable coin and bars which are divided among the party. I take none.

She then determines, on the more accurate map, that the one person alive is in the village where we were just a few days ago. Violet gets us supplies to go to the village and investigate further and we head out.

We arrive at the town. Arthur’s owl scouts ahead of us but has nothing important to report. Violet mentions Lord Woodward has sent us and the guard doesn’t know if any of them are still here but sends us to the inn to try to find the one who is supposedly here. Arthur learns that someone is injured and we go in, leaving the horses with Allie and Bella. In the inn everything is somber but as we go in they perk up and send us to the back room to help the injured soldier. Violet begins to attempt to heal him while Arthur questions the head man of the village. We see that the arrows are made of a strange fibrous wood. I identify it as from a type of tree which grows in very cold climates and is quite stunted. I take the arrows. Violet identifies that the arrow heads have been poisoned and I identify the poison as Nandam sap and try to remove it but it is a fast acting poison so it may have already done it’s damage.

He had been shot several times by archers that he could not see. It appeared that they were crippling him rather than trying to kill him, at least not immediately.

We decide to go investigate the area in which they were shot in the morning. I sleep in the stables while the others stay in the inn and create dire wolves during the night but it causes me to pass out until the morning. Gerald casts a protection spell on me and Alice makes me invisible and I ride one of the wolves and scout ahead. We fan out and begin investigating the area where the man said they were attacked. I get to the fortifications first. A squat building at the apex of a trail. Looking down the hill I see a line of bodies. I send the wolves I am not riding into the woods on either side of the trail. They left their horses down below with our attendants and came up to see what I saw.

Gerald took the staff from Arthur to go out to examine the bodies. It appears that all of the arrows were carefully shot into the people each straight up as they lay. Almost as if the arrows were magically aligned or the archers were preternaturally accurate. Alice determines that there is no magic around other than the wolves and there is no Regio. Violet begins to question the corpses.

Eventually we all go out to the line of bodies. I begin to gather the arrows which appear to be brittle and cracked from the cold. Alice sees, in the distance, a rare bird of paradise which I know is supposedly legendary and is supposed to possess magical properties. Arthur hullos into the distance. The wolves don’t smell anything besides the dead and ourselves, but then all perk up at once.

A man with white hair and white fur trimmed cloak walks across a path and looks at us. Then a bunch of them appear and begin running at us.

4: Battle in the Snow

They opened fire upon us. Allie was shot four times but the rest of us avoided any wounds and my direwolves interposed themselves to attack. They wounded several of the pale creatures attacking us.

Alice offered to make us all invisible but almost no one was near enough her to take advantage. I tried to shoot a Burn of the Sun but they resisted my magic though were still wounded. Arthur confused the person with the staff who seemed to be their leader. Gerald shot at them and wounded one that the wolves had already attacked, killing the opponent. Then attacking and wounding two others.

One of the people casts against Violet, and Gerald used his skills to attempt to ward us against further attacks but Allie takes a wound and is incapacitated. Violet attacks one that Gerald had already attacked and incabacitated him. She then shouted that tehre was a giant animal like a wolf or a bear in the forest approaching us. Gerald gathers that the beasts that are attacking us are some form of Fae undead.

Alice steps up to Allie and they both become invisible. But a spray of colors flies off of one of the mythic birds which illuminated their outline keeping them from being truely invisible.

A spell was targeted at Gerald, Violet, and Arthur but only Gerald was affected and he became his true size.

The direwolves attack the illkin again and then Alice, invisible but coated in a film of colored glass, steps in front of the unconscious Allie and uses the Quickener on the Fae beast that is about to be upon her. The blade glows a bright blue as it is in the presence of an undead creature but it does not immediately vanquish it as they are not mindless beasts.

The illkin that I had shot previously turned and shot Bella, lightly wounding her.

I attacked the beast nearest Alice doing some not insignificant damage while Bledig, my wolf familiar, attacked the man I had shot earlier.

Bella attacked the same creature that I did and did some additional damage.

Arthur confused one of the ancient creatures and ordered Archimedes to attack one of the mythic birds delivering a heavy wound.

Casting ward against Fae creatures on himself, Gerald then protects himself against the Ill-kin. I know that they are creatures of cold and that a fire ward would be effective against them.

The Ill-kin were able to throw off the confusion Arthur had put upon them. The one with the staff then attacks Archimedes with his poison doing some damage. The other attacks me with the same spores of the Nandam sap but it fails to affect me.

Violet shoots one of the beasts and wounds it heavily. Several of the Ill-kin are tied up with the direwolves still allowing us to focus on the attacks of the ancient beasts.

One of the beasts attempts to attack Gerald but it is unable to do so and instead encircles it. Another attacks Violet but it is ineffective except for a bruise and a bit of a limp.

Alice, Allie, and Gerald were dispelled by one of the birds but it was fairly ineffictive. The other attacks Archimedes but he is able to avoid any damage.

My wolves then attack one of the ancient beasts, harrying it and keeping it off the road.

Alice then shoots at the bird that had been annoying her but did not connect with it.

One of the Ill-kin attacked Bledig dealing a great deal of damage. He begins to make his way to me so that I can heal him. Meanwhile I head in his general direction while shooting at the great beast that I have been focused on and incapacitating it.

Bella dealt a heavy wound on one of the Ill-kin.

Arthur caused one of the Ill-kin, the one who I had first shot and then who wounded Bledig, to fall asleep.

Moving to Violet, Gerald protects her with a powerful Fae ward.

One of the direwolves takes a few wounds.

Alice is shot by one of the Ill-kin but it does not penetrate her armor.

Violet stabbed the beast before her and reloaded her gun.

The birds tried to attack but were not effective in their wounded states.

Then my direwolves drag down the second of the beasts. Alice shoots at one of the birds with Allie’s musket but it misses by a handsbreadth.

I call to the birds, promising that I will heal them if they come to me and then turn my magic to Beldig so that he will heal faster.

A flurry of shots are exchanged and each person or creature is locked into a combat of one form or another.

The birds do not come to me but they do fly away and as they do the beasts crumble into piles of dust and bone and leaving the land more dull and cold.

The remaining Ill-kin melt into the snow leaving only shadows in the snow and we collect our injured, the remains of the fallen are converted to Vis.

The barbed arrows are carefully removed by Violet. I put down a few of the severely injured direwolves, sending the others out to scout and guard and return to the horses. Alice senses Vis and collects their hair of Ignem Vis and determines that the bows of the Ill-kin contain Herbam Vis.

+7 Ignem, +7 Herbam, +8 Animal
+4 Seasons

5: A Plot is Revealed

We discussed for a few minutes if we should go forward to continue to the next Lord’s land and inquire why the folk had been exiled in the first place or leave the area. Violet and I encouraged the others to return and seek help from the lord and perhaps advice from our teachers. We will seek information from the villagers and the lord and suggest that they be wary of the border until we could gather more information. In the meanwhile I built a litter for the wounded Alllie. We turn to head back when Violet hears a sound from another hill of approaching horses and I see several silhouettes cresting the nearby hill. There appear to be four or five horses with banner-men. I warn the others to be wary and hail the figures. After some time I see one of them raise a spyglass to look at us and they decide to ride the other direction. We return to the northern town.

We sleep that night, resting and healing, but the next morning Violet noticed that our bags had been gone through. I found a hair in one of the bags who Violet determines is no longer in the village but is on the path back to where our altercation. We ask the woodcutter’s wife for the description of the person and head out after him catching up after a few hours. The man draws his weapon and his horse bolts. Gerald froze him and then levitated him when he fell from the saddle. I convince the horse to stop, dismount and approach it successfully. Gerald and Violet deal with the person to begin the interrogation.

After some questioning the man explains that his lord is here to hunt but they were investigating our persons as we had been spotted near the fallen bodies of our comrades they were concerned we were murderers. We return to the area of the battle and find that the lord has set up a pavilion and a few of the people are digging out the bodies. We enter into the pavilion, removing our shoes as we enter. Pual opens the door for us and we step in only to find three Ill-Kin, including one with a multi colored feathered cloak, gathered around a table with a map, the lord, and another member of his retinue. Pual drew his rapier.

Gerald sensed the trap while the Ill-Kin were momentarily confused. After a brief flurry of activity in which Gerald froze Pual, Violet was mildly wounded, and I caused a fire to start in the room, the remainder of the Ill-Kin and Peratornin attacked. Violet was left with another light wound before she was able to attack. Violet attacked the feather cloaked Ill-Kin, holding him in place.

Attempting to paralyze the Lord, Gerald is able to do so handily, hitting the Peratornin behind him as well. The others attack Gerald but are unable to penetrate his wards. The cloaked Ill-Kin falls over. Two more enter into the room, drawn from the sound of gunfire. My fellows freeze another and I grab the map off of the table while the Ill-Kin nearest me began trying to escape through the back of the tent. Violet was attacked again, taking a small amount more damage.

I step outside and incinerate the one who tried to flee. All others were paralyzed and then killed by Gerald and Violet except for the lord and the feather cloaked Ill-Kin. He speaks to us in a language that we can not understand and we consider if we should kill him for a bit before thinking that perhaps the lord could speak with him.

He begins speaking in common. He tells us of the bargain he maid for three bears worth of silver in order to attack the home of the Farrani in this land. To distract them while a naval engagement waged on. He informed us that his people had already been engaged and were in the process of attacking already. In the end we killed both the lord and the Ill-Kin, gathering what we could before burning the rest and turning back to Winterhome.

+ 2 seasons, + 4 pistols, + 5 horses, +1 Ignum Vis, +1 Perdo Vis, + 5 quilted halberks & uniforms

6: Return to the Keep

Qureine read the stars to determine if we would reach the boat in time to capture it and determined that we would not. In looking towards Winterhome I see a wave of snow blowing over the castle walls and sense it is the military force of the Ill Kin.

We rode through the night, gathering up the horses along our way, and head back to Winterhome as quickly as possible. Alice prepares fresh horses for us and meets us on the road with Bella. We continue on, pushing ourselves another night without sleep and Alice is the first to see that there is smoke coming from the walls of Winterhome. We fall into exhaustion and hurry up to Winterhome at dawn the following day.

We are determined to get Alice up to touch the walls so that she can see inside. After a few hours we reach the trail up to the gates. Qureine ties down the horses off the path and leads the group around the castle to approach from the less watched side. As we do this Gerald renews our wards and Alice views the situation again. She sees that about 200 tents are strung up in a crescent outside of musket range of weapons from Winterhome.

Violet and Gerald lift Qureine and Alice to the top of the cliff so we can get to the top of the ridge. They then follow us and we make our way to the back wall. We find another 200 tents on that side of the castle and approach invisibly and very carefully.

We approach and see a dirty castle wall and as we get closer see a strange rib bone sticking out of the snow. It doesn’t look like any animal Qureine has ever seen but she casts upon the bone and sees the hazy form of a frost drake. She thinks that she may be able to create a shadow of the beast but not at this time. A few more feet towards the wall there is a bronze cable which Violet believes would be the Aegis. Alice senses that the magic of the Aegis is active and steps across the boundary. She feels a crushing weight upon her shoulders but she steps through without any hindrance, though she becomes visible again. We step through one by one and each experience the weight but no other ill effects besides becoming visible.

Alice finally reaches the wall and touches it, casting her spell to see inside. She sees that all of the rooms on the ground floor have the windows closed with furniture stacked against them. The second floor has many of the students and warlocks sleeping in rooms lined with muskets. The upper floors appear to be uninhabited with many empty rooms as if they had taken the furniture to barricade the doors. In the very top of the towers Alice sees a few people on watch, though they seem very young. She does not see Arthur or Terrine anywhere. They could be outside or in another building.

Gerald believes that he can transport us through the wall but both he and Violet fail to penetrate due to the heavy weight of the Aegis. While the others discuss getting a tree to climb Qureine climbs the wall. There were two kids sleeping on the floor. Qureine woke one of them and managed to remind him that she was an upperclassman and told him to go get some rope to help the others get in. I tried to wake the other to explain the situation but he scrambled out leaving me only holding his cloak. He runs to get his musket but Gerald came through the window then and commanded him to stop.

I tell him to tell me what has happened since we have been gone, since Flash left.

“These people came out of nowhere and just started shooting and they tried to come through the gatehouse. Several people were hurt and killed. Then a huge creature came up and burst through the castle wall and there was another huge fight and more people died but we killed it. They showed up about three days ago.” They fought for an hour and then the Aegis was cast. Then a creature came through the Aegis and destroyed a building before they could kill it.

The boy came back with the rope and an upperclassman and we hoisted Violet and Alice up. Alice heard the description and it sounded familiar like a beast she had studied or imagined while studying Magic Theory. Violet signals to Alice to speak with her privately. Gerald sends the older boy to go get us tokens for the Aegis. Terrine came into the room and we appraised her of the situation. She tells us that they have been here for five days. She gives us tokens.

She tells us a bit more about the Winter Demon that appeared and angrily broke the wall. It screamed about it’s mate coming to get it as it died.

Gerald and Terrine discussed casting the more powerful Aegis but we would need additional Vis that the students have been using to defend the keep and Aegis. Violet went to the infirmary. Gerald went to check the Vis stocks. Alice thinks about the creature that she seems to have a connection to. She searched through the buildings and found the body of the Winter Demon. She came back to get me in order to help harvest the Vis from its body.

It appears that there are eight pons of Perdo Vis in the horns. It would be tainted Vis though as it came from a Demon. She extracts the Vis into bullets and searches for a connection to the mate to determine if it would be a threat to us but was not able to. She then reports the situation to the others. Gerald determines that we barely have enough Vis to cast the spell and that he is prepared to do it but Terrine did it in the end.

Violet learned that it was mostly the soldiers who died in the fight. Terrine also let us know that the firing mechanisms of the cannon are missing. Terrine and I agree that we should head to the shipyards and if possible set out to bring help from another Farrani outpost on another continent.

Alice uses a staff to scry the ship and sees a room half full of water. We determine to go across the mountains in search of magical caches and towards the harbor. First we must research where the caches are. The others find the books and Qureine found a reference to a Well of Power located on a a mountain ridge similar to where Winterhome was built within 10 leagues from here. The mountains to the east would be our best bet, especially as the shipyard would be in the NorthEast.

+ 2 Seasons, + 2 Confidence Points, + 8 pons of tainted Perdo Vis (Violet)

7: Through the Mountains

Arthur returns and confirms that the shipyards are destroyed but we are still going to try to get the cannons off of the hulls and try to find the hidden troves of Vis on the way.

We leave the castle to investigate the dragon corpse. Querine took the staff, White Nail, and the Notes From Edgar’s Lab, and Violet took How to Find a Man and the sword Quickener. Tries joins our party, as Allie is ordered to remain at the castle to heal, and Bella comes along as well.

We determine that there is no Vis remaining in the corpse of the dragon and continue onward. Climbing and being lifted up the mountains by turns. After a day and a half we make it to the top of one of the mountains but do not see a place that appears to be more likely than where we currently are. After investigating the mountain top we discover a fallen tower. Querine melts the snow and creates light as Violet and Gerald move or destroy the stones that are blocking the foundation. An hour after sunset they clear the blocked staircase and we are able to enter the base of the tower. Once inside we find an impressive doorway made far less so because the doors have rotten away. Gerald does not sense magic in the room and we begin to investigate.

As we make our way into the halls we find some rich loamy soil. Further in we find the remains of a tree and more soil. Arthur exclaims that there is Vis in the room and begins digging. After some time and reevaluation he finds 9 golden acorns. Violet and Gerald went down the stairs and found what appeared to be a series of long abandoned labs. Arthur also found a large cavern where a cave in has exposed a spiral staircase. Querine was able to “speak” with a mossy fungus that was in the cavern. It has no concept of size or time but does not recall anything like us having been there before. We continue on and find an even larger room and a scent of standing water. Violet finds an area of standing water. She and Gerald investigate and it seems that the room was supposed to have water in it. Arthur proposes that it is a ship landing which would allow for a ship to be teleported into this room. Arthur and Querine investigate a sound of burbling water while Gerald tried to determine if there was a Regio present but could not detect.

Overall we do not find much other than the Vis and some ideas about what this outpost was used for in the past. Gerald used his levitation skills to move more stones to the side of the wall. This opens up a blocked water spout and the burbling noise gets louder. Arthur cleans the water and Violet dives in immediately to investigate shining materials on the bottom of the pool. It appears to be the remains of broken astronomy lenses. She and Gerald find one that is intact but leave it there.

Arthur modified the personality of Tries t make him more disposed to our party and tendencies. Violet questions him and learns that he believes he will be supernaturally good with the sword when he goes through puberty. She continues to study him.

We head to the tomb down the mountain, our next destination. Querine warmed everyone and set up watches. Dawn came an we packed up and went to the tomb. As we approach we see that the area around the tomb had about one hundred people under a red flag with gold trim who appeared to doing something in the tomb. We leave Alice behind and Gerald, Violet, Arthur and Querine levitate into the camp. The workers drop their picks and run. They appear to have removed quite a lot of rubble. We head toward a pavilion that is very similar to the other Peratorna pavilion that we burned before.

Violet draws her gun and opens the flap for Arthur. Querine prepares her bow and she and Gerald follow. In the pavilion there is a mouldering corpse in a glass case on the table. They are conversing about the body in Paratornin. Arthur uses his air of authority on the two main people in the tent and orders that they report on their progress in the excavations. He learns that there have been other excavations which are stored on the ship, in the nearest cove, being overland about 4 days.

Arthur determines that their plan was to excavate here while the Farrani are holed up under attack. The soldier reveals that they have found many sarcophagi which they are going to return to the Queen as soon as they are able to aid in her experimentation.

We hear a group of horses approaching the camp and anticipate a struggle…

+2 CP, +2 seasons, +9 Pawns of Creo Vis

8: The Tomb and the Shipyard

We were in the tent we hear horses leave the area. We exit and Gerald notices what appears to be a fuse burning several tents away near a large quantity of gunpowder. Violet lifts the sarcophagi and heads towards the cave while Gerald teleports Bella to the top of the hill. I hear someone say something indicating aiming a canon.

Arthur orders our lackey to go out and get them to stop them from firing and runs towards the road at an angle to put him out of the line of fire. Arthur sees Gerald, myself, and the lackey who has been stabbed. Violet shot one of the men on horseback. A man who appears to have the blatant gift. He told the men with him to rush us. She shoots him again, apparently breaking his concentration and he rode around the hill away from the engagement. She retrieves her weapon from Triis and walked down the hill reloading and assessing the situation. Arthur put the people on horses asleep as they tried to rush him but could not get the horse to cooperate.

Gerald teleports Querine toward the canon. She pulls the fuse, which has nearly burned into the pan, burning her hand and Gerald teleports in, himself. Querine tries to draw her weapon but can not grip her sword with her burned hand. Those around Querine and Gerald try to attack them but are not able to do so. She dodges and he is unmoved by them. Gerald wounds one of them causing him to fall. Querine creates vines to ensnare each of the remaining three. One person manages to break free while Gerald reloaded. Querine shot him, attempting to light him on fire but failing, still incapacitating him. Gerald shoots the man who falls off of his horse incapacitated. He teleports the man back to Violet.

When all assailants have been subdued. Querine ties up those who were trapped in the vines and goes to Violet to have her hand treated for the wound. Violet also treats the man with the blatant gift as Querine ties him, and those Arthur put to sleep.

Gerald reads over a scroll in Karazed which appears to be a Corpus grimoire of some sort. There is also a a book at appears to be of a different dialect of the language of meaning. Gerald believes that they are Aurochs based and thus Infernal.

Arthur wakes the tied man with the gift and interrogates him. We learn that he was trained by Master Paul from the books that the Farrani Corps left behind and needs to use the restoration spell on the sarcophagi. It is the body of a Fae creature of immortal lifespan. Arthur continues to interrogate him and learns more about the state of affairs in their court. After comparing the name on the sarcophagi and the scroll Gerald is sure that it is not the correct sarcophagi but is a creature of the same name type. Arthur wakes all of those that I had tied earlier and was able to make them into allies.

In the cavern we find a great deal of equipment but nothing remarkable initially. Some broken magical artifacts. Gerald glows to facilitate the way for us and floats along out “friend.” We enter another room and find shelves with approximately 150 remains of bodies. Querine and Arthur begin to consider that they should wake the creature in the sarcophagi rather than destroying it. It seems that the bodies that are here were stored here for some reason. As if they could be resurrected at a later time. After reading further into it though Gerald and Arthur determine that the spell is tainted and dangerous but that it may be worth studying further. Gerald keeps the scroll.

Through our “authority” Arthur tells them to pack up the camp and prepare to return to the ship.

Meanwhile, I heal and speak with the trees at the base of each of the sarcophagi. I learn the stories of the people entombed here. They were helping the being in the center to ascend but were killed in an accident before they could accomplish it.

Archimedes reports back that he did not see anyone else on the route.

We take all of the firing pins from the canons, some gunpowder, and restock our supplies where convenient and begin to make our way to the other encampment that our “friend” identified on the map.

After some time and discussion we determine that he needs to be eliminated to reduce any chance of us being spied upon. We teleport away and kill him. Removing him from his companions we kill him, checking his body for vis before using Violet’s sword to destroy him entirely.

On our way, Violet finds a Regio but it appears abandoned.

When we reach the shipyards we see that our naval ships are still smoldering and the Paratornan ships were anchored just outside of the yard. There are probably 20 ships anchored in the harbor. From the mountaintop we can see that there are Paratornan patrols around with several tents set up. We begin to develop a plan to take control of their ships, since all of ours have been destroyed. Violet and Gerald disguise us. Arthur looks like the leader we had captured and killed earlier with the plan to infiltrate the shipyard and interrogate or gain command of the ships in other means.

Seasons: 2, CP: 2

Game 9: Escaping the Paratornins

We are disguised and ready when we see a group of ships moving in a formation as if another ship were amidst them. A fog is settling over the harbor and Qureine attempted to sense if there were any animals on the ships or if there was indeed another ship hidden. She was unable to but tells the others that if there is another ship there the group needs to be prepared for others with magic.

As we prepared to head down to the shipyards we caught sight of a procession moving towards the town. Arthur sends Archimedes down to investigate and sees that they seem to be the same people we encountered at the encampment. They are also transporting a person in a cage. We decide to intercept the caravan before they reached the docks in case the creature in the cage could have been a resurrected thing.

The lead calls the caravan to a halt and begins speaking in Perratornin. Only Violet can understand the gist of their conversation and prompts Arthur with a few words in their language but Arthur tries to get him under his influence and authority. In order to explain our difficulty understanding them Violet implies that we have been drinking and inquires as to if they found anything else. He indicates that the person in the cage is the one that we were all sent to retrieve. The one who knows everything that the Queen wants. We say that we are here to examine the prisoner and head back along the caravan.

The figure does not acknowledge our coming or presence. As we attempt to understand more about the creature Qureine noticed that the fog had encroached fully into the harbor. We decide to bluff our way onto the ship. The creature identifies itself as Draga which sounds familiar to us. We also learn that the being feels sad about the Farrani Corps organization and she has a great deal of power.

Arthur begins speaking with the creature in the language of meaning. Qureine keeps an eye on the harbor and the situation letting everyone know of our progress as we approach the shipyards. The fog eventually dissipates. As we approach the dock Violet begins to disguise herself but one of the leaders of the Farrani appeared, walked up to the cage, broke a bar and began to walk off with Draga. Gerald and Violet recognize Draena from the corps and communicate that we are of the corps and are here to help her. She casts a spell and a wooden bridge appears from the edge of the wharf from the harbor to the edge of the palisade. We begin to walk along it and see that about 30 people from the warehouse and nearby are watching us. Qureine keeps behind to protect our rear and after Draena casts another spell to get us to a small schooner we all hurry to it carrying our saddle bags and equipment with us. A bank of fog comes up around the ship and a wind pushes us along.

Gerald and Violet turn us back to ourselves though Arthur still has a moustache. Draena then orders us to shoot the prisoner and assist with the sailing. Arthur and Qureine hesitate and stop Gerald from following her order. She explains that the Queen would use Draga to destroy the world and so we must kill her. We convince her to wait so that we can gain information from Draga. Gerald and Qureine take her below deck and Qureine sits to guard the prisoner while Gerald goes to inform Draena that the task is complete. Draena provides a bag of Vis to Qureine to perform an astrology reading when the stars are visible again.

We learned that the navy had not been entirely destroyed but had simply been driven through a series of straights and would be back in service in a week or so.

While Violet practices on the ballista, Arthur and Gerald argued about what should be done with Draga. Draga speaks to Qureine about her past and the history of the Farrani when she was first alive. Then Arthur attends to Draga while Qureine, Gerald and Violet do a reading each. Violet is unable to find the meaning of the stars. Qureine found in Draga’s future significant effects. She would turn out to be super useful in a super heretical way. That her understanding would create religious divisions in the corps before dying before her normal lifespan. Gerald found that the kingdom of Peratorrna would wage a dozen successful wars across the lands, though not in Bertraland, due to the Queen who gathers information and her ascent to attack the Silver Isle. He learns that it will take twelve years for the Queen to gather that information and that the weaknesses of the houses holding magic without any knowledge of their uses will aide the Queen to have her way. He determines that the Corps must organize as a whole against her in order to stop her and that if we simply prevent her from gathering the caches of information it will not be enough because she can turn Mescere into more strongly gifted.

We know that we need to convince the Farrani leadership of this in order to make enough of a difference in the future.

Over dinner we discuss with Draga and Draena about what we can do, what we know from Flash’s legacy and the other caches of information since the other fleet commanders had gone missing at the same time as Flash.

3 Seasons, 2 CP

Game 10: Reunion and Reanimation

Gerald hopes that Draga can provide us with a better means of transportation and we go to the forecastle to attempt it. Gerald seems to be following along but thinks that it will not be helpful for us in the long term.

We sit for a few minutes to discuss the best course of action. Qureine thinks that finding the information is the most important to prevent the queen from gathering it but that the first thing we do should be to raise the siege on our people on Bertraland so that we have access to more information and resources.

Violet goes to get a map from Draena and learns that on the boat there is an inverse star chart which contains all points on the known world and would allow us to find anything anywhere in the world. She also lets us know that it is the kind of information that we would not want anyone to know about it and that she would create an additional sleeping shift for the crew so that we could use the map under moonlight without anyone seeing.

We go to visit the captain again with our concerns and determine if there is a better plan.

Her plan is to continue north and rendezvous with the navy. To take account of resources and assign us as best she can afterwards. We are going in the opposite direction of the castle but after much discussion we agree that we should go to meet up with the navy and continue on from there.

A few nights later we tie up the sails and douse all the lights in preparation to read the map. The canvas seems to be a sail which magically reflects the stars as they would be viewed from anywhere across the world. In the casting of the spell Violet does not sense an arcane connection with the object she was trying to find the creator of.

Arthur and Gerald establish use of Draena’s lab if they vow to not use any experimental spells. She also tells us that she will not allow us to have firearms when we join up with the navy.

After a few days we approach the navy. They appear to be going into some formation and we go to let the captain know. She asks us to close the door and begins to perform a spell. We get into communication, signaling that we are of the same navy. We stand on deck in our Farrani gear as another ship comes up along side. Two officers come aboard our ship who talk to the captain. What appears to be a wrapped body is brought aboard our ship wrapped in canvas. Arthur and Qureine stay above deck, Arthur attempting to listen to the captain. Gerald and Violet go below decks with the body.

They get the body and examine it in the lab. The throat has been cut of the young woman and it looks as though her hair had been pulled but there is no indication of imprisonment or struggle. Violet then casts a spell to attempt to speak with her and is successful. They ask who killed her but she didn’t see. She recognized the face of the man who distracted her in the passageway. She describes the man as having brown curly hair with a white cloth on his head. He was not a person of subterfuge and associated with the serving people of the crew. She reveals that she had been dead for two weeks.

They leave and give the key back to the first mate promising to report to the captain when possible. Arthur offers to communicate with the naval officers to influence their decisions. Draga gives Arthyr an arcane connection of some sort from the body but it does not appear to be functioning. Arthur thinks that either being raised from the dead or that she is a body fae and thus it does not work in the way that we are used to.

We agree to resurrect the dead woman, Tabitha’s, name in front of the others so that they will respect our power. Arthur is disguised by Violet and she and Gerald discuss the best way to raise her from the dead. Draena also threatens Arthur that he must be very convincing and ensure that they accept Draena as their commander when Arthur is no longer around.

Gerald applies a ward against humans on each of us, and Draena who admits that she will be severely weakened when not on her ship. We cross with the four of us, the captain, two crewmen and a chest-like sarcophagus containing Tabitha.

The ship pulls up along another slower ship and we board the marine ship to meet with the commanders.

Arthur soon has the ships captain under his thumb and we are transferred to the flagship. We are apparently the last to arrive and shepherded into a huge dining room with a dozen serving people and approximately 40 male officers. Arthur continues to work his charms. Based on the conversations it seems that there is quite a bit of intrigue in Draena being captain.

Arthur asks a silent question of the commodore about why Draena is so interesting and learns that it has to do with the import of the corps.

Arthur then mentions that one of our members had been assassinated and Draena hops out to bring the corpse of Lieutenant Tabitha in. Violet beings reading the scroll and expends her confidence and succeeds but faints from the exertion. Gerald animates Violet briefly so that her fatigue is not so evident. Arthur calls for Tabitha to return for effect. Draena whips off her cloak and puts it around Tabitha.

Before Tabitha can say anything though…

2 Seasons, 2 CP, lab access if we need it.


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