The Farrani Corps

3: Leaving the Tower

Gerald mentioned that he thinks the wards of the castle may be attuned to humans now and that people might be trapped in their rooms. We got Terrine to go take roll of all of the students to make sure that everyone was accounted for and went down to the vault.

We get down to the vault which is locked but has a keyhole. Gerald managed to pick the lock and turn something into a lever to pull it open. Inside there were barrels, some with taps in them. Violet thinks that they might be vis in the barrels. Gerald senses if there is any silver in the room and it appears that all of the barrels on the bottom rack have silver in them. We pry one of them open and find silver ingots. A kingdom’s ransom.

We find food and wine and other provisions in the other barrels. Enough to keep the castle in a siege.

Violet and Alice take a bar to pay for the training of the 30 tribe members. The two visirs that Terrine sent with us who appear very interested in the barrels and their inventory. Eventually we all agree to take 20 lbs of silver. 10 to pay and 10 for our travels. Violet takes an extra bar (so does Alice but we don’t see that).

Gerald locks the door and we return to check on the other members.

We summarize what was done to Terrine and she informs us that she has halted all practical magics by the students until such time as other qualified mages are available. We prepare to go down to the village and pay our debt then return to the castle on our way to the ship yard.

Terrine assigns Allie and Bella to us and we promise to protect them with our life.

We pack up and leave after dawn the next day for the village. We head down and are escorted into the hall. The Lord reports that he has begun the investments that we had spoken of. We request a tour of the barracks that he will be building to the tribe members. He said also that he has something very important to tell us though. Arthur inquires as to his intentions to uphold the bargain which he assures us he will.

The other matter was to ensure that the neighboring lord was not sending more tribe members into his lands but the two squads that were sent have not returned. Violet inquires as to the possessions of one of the missing fellows in order to do an astrology chart on him.

Arthur and Alice hand over a bar of silver each. I inquire if there is sufficient silver to exchange for another bar of silver. He inquires with his man while we head out to the barracks to determine if there is a connection that can be made. Violet finds hairs of one of the soldiers and uses a quickly sketched map of Arthur’s to try to identify where the soldiers are.

She finds one of the men about 2/3 of the way to the destination and two others do not appear on the map so they are either dead or off the map.

We return to the conference room and Violet provides a bar of silver in exchange for a nearly equivalent weight in more manageable coin and bars which are divided among the party. I take none.

She then determines, on the more accurate map, that the one person alive is in the village where we were just a few days ago. Violet gets us supplies to go to the village and investigate further and we head out.

We arrive at the town. Arthur’s owl scouts ahead of us but has nothing important to report. Violet mentions Lord Woodward has sent us and the guard doesn’t know if any of them are still here but sends us to the inn to try to find the one who is supposedly here. Arthur learns that someone is injured and we go in, leaving the horses with Allie and Bella. In the inn everything is somber but as we go in they perk up and send us to the back room to help the injured soldier. Violet begins to attempt to heal him while Arthur questions the head man of the village. We see that the arrows are made of a strange fibrous wood. I identify it as from a type of tree which grows in very cold climates and is quite stunted. I take the arrows. Violet identifies that the arrow heads have been poisoned and I identify the poison as Nandam sap and try to remove it but it is a fast acting poison so it may have already done it’s damage.

He had been shot several times by archers that he could not see. It appeared that they were crippling him rather than trying to kill him, at least not immediately.

We decide to go investigate the area in which they were shot in the morning. I sleep in the stables while the others stay in the inn and create dire wolves during the night but it causes me to pass out until the morning. Gerald casts a protection spell on me and Alice makes me invisible and I ride one of the wolves and scout ahead. We fan out and begin investigating the area where the man said they were attacked. I get to the fortifications first. A squat building at the apex of a trail. Looking down the hill I see a line of bodies. I send the wolves I am not riding into the woods on either side of the trail. They left their horses down below with our attendants and came up to see what I saw.

Gerald took the staff from Arthur to go out to examine the bodies. It appears that all of the arrows were carefully shot into the people each straight up as they lay. Almost as if the arrows were magically aligned or the archers were preternaturally accurate. Alice determines that there is no magic around other than the wolves and there is no Regio. Violet begins to question the corpses.

Eventually we all go out to the line of bodies. I begin to gather the arrows which appear to be brittle and cracked from the cold. Alice sees, in the distance, a rare bird of paradise which I know is supposedly legendary and is supposed to possess magical properties. Arthur hullos into the distance. The wolves don’t smell anything besides the dead and ourselves, but then all perk up at once.

A man with white hair and white fur trimmed cloak walks across a path and looks at us. Then a bunch of them appear and begin running at us.

2: Contacting the Teachers

Story Recap:

After discussing our plan of action for the school we convinced Terrine that we should go through the rooms of our absent instructors to find arcane connections to get in touch with them in hopes of notifying the of Flash’s departure. This would allow us to forgo a 40 day journey to the ships to send a letter and return.

We entered Rolf’s room to see if we could contact the Lapacada instructor. His room was warded by a door with no key or handle but Gerald teleported through the door. Arthur used his mirror to try to contact him but to no avail.

Shiloh’s room was also unsuccessful in finding a means of contacting her though Arthur managed to send a message to someone through their hair. Alice fondled her dresses but there was nothing within of much interest.

In the room of the Venatoran house instructor, when Gerald opened the door a spectral wolf lept out and tried to savage him. I was able to shoot it, and while my magic was ineffective, slay it without too much trouble. There was a warded circle within that we could not gain access to and Arthur was again, apparently, unsuccessful at contacting our instructors. After a bit of effort Arthur manages to spell something which destroys the ward around the sacks which caused Gerald some amount of pain. I managed to recast the ward spell to protect the grain within from pests.

The next room is for the Agonistica instructor. Known for aggressive magic and fire spells. Gerald is able to unlock the door without incident. He opens the door and a ring of fire encircles he and Violet. Gerald is able to get Alice and Arthur through the flames, Violet summoned a pile of dirt to suppress them as well as I am not able to do it myself. They investigate the room and after a time Terrine comes to investigate our progress. The fire did NOT go out when Gerald closed the door again but we hypothesized that it would go out after a certain amount of time.

We visited each of the instructors rooms that we can find but were not able to contact any of them successfully.

We confer with Terrine who agrees to take us down to the vault to see if there is any other connections or information. And also to determine if our resources can accommodate a 10 pounds silver reduction.

1: Rescuing the Villagers

We were out on our patrols when we hear a rumor about a tribe of people about to be burned out of a village. We quickly rode to the village and found a building on fire and a mob gathering. My companions quelled the mob while I brought the fire under control.

We agreed to remove the tribe members from this village if they gave us supplies to ensure that they would be traveling safely and not die of exposure. We also ensured that their property is not destroyed and is seized for the Lord of the area rather than be burned. It was also revealed that a woman had been killed in the fire but it had not been intentional.

We took the tribe members to the town of the Lord and there made an arrangement that he would house, feed, and train these people so that they would be productive members of society in exchange for 10 pounds of silver from the Farrani corps.

We then returned to the castle to ask Flash for the 10 pounds of silver only to find the castle in an uproar and Flash apparently ascended. After some time we calmed the castle and began the process of trying to contact the other instructors.


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