Voice of the Sentinels


This ancient book contains a single grimoire spell, written in archaic script and invoking magical techniques not quite harmonious with the Aphelion tradition.

Arboreal Portal (Grimoire: Re He 70)
R: Arc, D: Life, T: Bloodline, Req: Ritual

Creates magical connections among a series of trees through which people, animals, and objects can travel almost instantaneously. The ritual targets living trees grown from seeds taken from the same plant. It must be cast simultaneously at all affected locations, thereafter creating a magical connection between the targeted trees. A connection is activated by touching a tree and speaking both a command word and the name of the tree to which the speaker wishes to travel. The transportation is instantaneous, with the traveler appearing within arm’s reach of the targeted tree, should that tree still exist. One pawn of any type of vis must also be purposefully expended during the activation of a connection for each person or animal to be transported. Clothing and gear that does not encumber a traveler will be transported along with her, but other inanimate things and specifically unwilling creatures may not transported. (non-Aphelion Ritual)


Voice of the Sentinels

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