The Gun-Fisher's Atlas


A set of lab notes, carefully translated, detailing various spells that use the Shot target. Each spell’s set of lab notes is a different volume.

Kill it with Fire (Lab Notes: Intellego Animal 10)
R: Shot, D: Mom, T: Ind

Since the resurgence of magic in the world of men, this spell has come in handy while fighting a myriad of beasts. More often than not, an encounter of this sort begins with hostilities, so investigative magics must be used during the pitch of battle. This spell identifies a creature as the wizard is shooting it and determines its age, origin, and history. Thus identified, if the creature is supernatural, a Lore Ability roll for the appropriate domain may provide additional information such as the creature’s particular weaknesses. (Base 5, +1 Shot)

Slow the Gorgon’s Charge (Lab Notes: Perdo Animal 20)
R: Shot, D: Mom, T: Ind

This spell cripples a creature’s limb. If the limb is used for moving, as in a leg, and the creature has six or fewer such limbs, the creature’s speed is reduced to a quarter of its potential. The beast may recover from the effect as if it were a Medium Wound. The spell may affect beasts up to the size of an elephant (Size +4). (Base 15, +1 Shot)

Lead Poisoning (Lab Notes: Creo Aquam 24)
R: Shot, D: Diam, T: Ind

The spell poisons the victim that was struck by your bullet, inflicting a Medium Wound at the end of this round, and at the end of the next nineteen rounds. The victim may avoid each wound as it applies by succeeding in a Stamina 3+ stress roll. Although a proliferation of Medium Wounds will not kill the target, it will cause a debilitating accumulation of wound penalties as it weakens the victim dramatically. (Base 15, + 1 Shot, + 1 repeating effect)

Jupiter’s Anvil (Lab Notes: Creo Auram 15)
R: Shot, D: Mom, T: Group

The spell creates a deafening thunderclap at the point of the bullet’s impact (if it hits its intended target), potentially deafening the target and those grouped around it. Anyone affected must make a Stamina 9+ stress roll or be deafened. Those deafened may make a Stamina simple roll each minute and recover on a 9+ result. If the first roll botches, the victim is rendered deaf for a month. (Base 3, +1 Shot, +2 Group, +1 unnatural—the spell also functions indoors)

The Horrific Wound (Lab Notes: Muto Corpus 10)
R: Shot, D: Diam, T: Part

Changes the victim’s appearance to make it look as though the wound inflicted by your bullet is a grotesquely lethal one. A grazing wound to the temple appears to have staved in the skull. A shot to the leg makes it appear as though half the leg’s muscles have been torn away. A shot in the torso reveals the interior organs. Anyone viewing the victim (including the victim if he is in front of a mirror) is amazed that he is still standing; the spell often has a dramatic effect on the morale of the victim’s allies. (Base 3, +1 Shot, +1 Diam, +1 Part)

Leave No Body (Lab Notes: Perdo Corpus 20)
R: Shot, D: Diam, T: Ind

If the victim of your shot dies from the wound you inflict, or dies within the duration of the spell, the body decomposes in just a few seconds leaving only dust. Things worn or carried by the victim are not effected. (Base 5, +1 Shot, +1 Diam, +1 affect two corpus states (living and dead))

The Bullet that Binds (Lab Notes: Rego Corpus 10)
R: Shot, D: Diam, T: Ind

This spell is used to incapacitate opponents during a fight. The victim is unable to perform major motor functions but can still talk and look around. (Base 4, +1 Shot, +1 Diam)

Hell’s Fusilier (Lab Notes: Creo Ignem 20)
R: Shot, D: Mom, T: Ind

Your bullet ignites when it hits the target, inflicting terrible damage. The heat flash inflicts +20 damage. (Base 15, +1 Shot)

Mark This Man (Lab Notes: Creo Imaginem 3)
R: Shot, D: Diam, T: Ind, Req: Rego

Creates an illusory aura of color around a human or beast, with wisps that extend into the air above it for several paces. The effect is most often used to mark a particular foe out of a group, to direct fire from other shooters. (Base 1, +1 Shot, +1 Diam)

Terms of Surrender (Lab Notes: Creo Mentem 20)
R: Shot, D: Sun, T: Ind

The victim is so disheartened by the wound your shot gave him that he is strongly inclined to surrender or flee. Anguish, regret, and despair grip the victim. A Brave, Dedicated, or similarly-applicable personality trait roll with an Ease Factor of 12 is required to avoid giving up the fight. (Base 4, +1 Shot, +2 Sun, +1 complex effect)

The Knight in Night-Clothes (Lab Notes: Perdo Terram 15)
R: Shot, D: Mom, T: Ind

Destroys the metal components of any armor worn by the victim, leaving not a trace behind. This makes the victim less resistant to subsequent shots. (Base 3, +1 Shot, +2 affect metal, +1 size)

Wizard’s Poison (Lab Notes: Perdo Vim 15)
R: Shot, D: Diam, T: Ind

This spell reduces the casting total for all magic cast by the target by 10 (half of (spell’s level + 5)). If two or more such spells affect one target, only the highest has any effect: the penalties do not add. The spell must penetrate the target’s Magic Resistance to have any effect. (General, +1 Shot)


The Gun-Fisher's Atlas

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