Basic Fortifications Guide


A large, leather-and-iron-bound handbook describes how to create siege equipment and fortifications using easily-understood instruction and a variety of informative illustrations. The second half of the book contains a grimoire spell.

Summa 2 (quality 13): Craft (Siege Equipment) [General]

Summa 2 (quality 13): Craft (Stone Masonry) [General]

Summa 2 (quality 13): Profession (Siege Engineer) [General/Martial]

Grimoire: Gate House (Creo Terram 25)
R: Touch, D: Mom, T: Ind, Req: Herbam (optional), Ritual

A simple stone fortification, formed from a single block of stone, rises out of the ground. The building is topped with crenellations and is designed to withstand siege. If cast without the Herbam requisite, it lacks wooden components such as a front door. The fortification stands 40 feet high, is 20 feet wide, and has a foundation set 20 feet into the ground. As a grimoire, this spell can be cast by a wizard who does not know it formulaically. (Base 3, +1 Touch, +2 Size, +3 elaborate design)


Basic Fortifications Guide

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