Violet is a trained healer and recently graduated apprentice of House Lapicada.


Violet is brave, dependable and stubborn, but tends to be a bit of a meddler and busybody. She likes to involve herself in the affairs of others seeks to help people who are hurt or afflicted with disease. One might say she goes out of her way – often asking personal questions that may make those around her uncomfortable. She does not, however, make mundanes uncomfortable with her gift. Violet is a capable marksman and warrior, but prefers to use her talents to mend people rather than harm them.



Name Violet
Age (apparent) 16
Player Kerry Beckett
Covenant Lapicada
Gender Female

Dependable +3
Stubborn +1
Brave +2

Confidence: 4

Gentle Gift, Cautious Sorcerer, Method Caster, Subtle Magic, Hermetic Magus, Improved Characteristics, Tough, Venus’ Blessing, Warlock, Affinity: Creo, Affinity: Corpus, Quiet Magic x 2

Susceptibility to Faerie Power, Weak Enchanter, Weird Magic, Meddler (Major), Busybody, Optimistic, Proud, Soft-hearted

Characteristic s
Intelligence 1
Perception 0
Strength 1
Stamina 3
Presence 0
Communication 1
Dexterity 1
Quickness 0

Ability Specialty Score
Athletics Grace 1
Awareness Alertness 1
Brawl Dodging 1
Charm Being Witty 1
Concentration Spell Concentration 2
Etiquette Nobility 1
Folk Ken Townsfolk 1
Leadership Inspiration 1
Kerased (Language) 0 4
(Language) 0 1
Betraland 0 5
Farrani Corps Lore* politics 1
Survival Wilderness 1
Swim Long Distances 1
Artes Liberales* Ritual Magic, Read Kerased 1
Medicine* Physician 2
Philosophiae* Ritual Magic 2
Magic Theory* Corpus 1
Parma Magica* Mentum 3
Penetration Corpus 2
Single Weapon Sword, Long 3
Warlock Firearms 3
Firearms 3
Weapon Mastery – Firearms Rapid Reload 1
Weapon Mastery – Firearms Quick Draw 1

Art Score
Creo 11
Intellego 7
Muto 7
Perdo 7
Rego 5
Animal 0
Aquam 0
Auram 0
Corpus 10
Herbam 0
Ignem 0
Imaginem 0
Mentem 1
Terram 1
Vim 0


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