Queen Kara's Revenge

A First-Rate Ship of the Line


The Queen Kara’s Revenge is a first-rate ship of the line, one of the five flagged ships of the Paratornan Navy. “Revenge” is typically a name for pirate vessels. This is a reference to the ship’s maiden voyage, a tour of the pirate shoals to protect the trade lanes.

The Queen is the pride of the fleet with 220 guns. She carries eighty 32-pound guns and eighty 18-pound guns on her gun decks, thirty 32-pound carronades on her quarterdeck, six 12-pound guns and six 32-pound carronades on her forecastle, and eighteen 18-pound carronades on her stern deck.

The frigate-built ship displaces 3,200 berthen tons and carries 1,205 crew and marines.


Queen Kara's Revenge

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