The Farrani Corps

Game 19: Desperate Times Call for Desperate Measures


By the time we get out to the ruins it is midday. We spend the afternoon looking for the precise location of the sunken fortress. Alice and Arthur try to look into the water. Alice sees a ridge in the water with large unnatural blocks of stone five hundred feet below the water.

The area is teeming with aquatic life, including large slow creatures as large as the ship we are on. Alice sees that the aura is in the form of a tent that forms into a column as if there were an invisible tower or that were a way into the area. But the aura also covers the whole bottom of the ridge. She then examines the area for a regio. But she could not see any regios of any kind. Alice recognizes that the aura is a level 6 in the towers and a bit lower in the base.

We are spelled to be able to breathe underwater and so that we will sink and so that we can see in the dark. Draena reminds us to keep an eye on the sun. We took off most things that would be ruined underwater and Gerald teleported us down.

When we are down there we see that there are no intact buildings and see no signs of mortar or joining materials. All that seems to have survived are the giant stones, however. The giant behemoth creatures swimming around cannot be communicated with by either Qureine or Gerald. After about 2 hours of searching Alice sees a magical item down in one of the cracks in the column. Violet leads the way down there and in the pitch black it appears that within these cracks some sort of weird coral is growing. Gerald begins to glow and we see that it is the varied forms of coral that is glowing. Arthur determines that this coral is not growing naturally and there is a large amount of red coral but different kinds of it. Red coral has particular properties of protection against demons. Alice looks again for in Infernal regio but does not sense anything. Violet looks into the area to see if there is any minerals and finds a pile of shells. She, Gerald, and Arthur continue casting but Alice quickly surpasses them all.

She identifies something beneath one of the ship sized stones and Violet shatters a hole in it for us to find the chambers below.

We find a room with many glass sarcophagi and begin to transport them up to the surface. As we exit something seems to drop to the ocean floor. Some sort of flesh. After closer inspection it appears to be some sort of food as if for the giant fish. Gerald sees several ships above and teleports to investigate to see additional ships around ours. He returns to us and Alice and he say that they appear to be hunting the fish. They appear to be whalers of some kind but rather than risking my own health to heal the creature I warn the others to not eat the meat that is thrown in the water. Meanwhile Violet has transported the sarcophagi onto Draena’s ship.

The sarcophagi contain a few weapons and armor but nothing else of note. The coral that we brought up is terram vis and based on the amount that we gathered and the amount still below we estimate that there are approximately 200 pons of vis.

Arthur questions Draga’s mind and she tries to get him to let her go. Meanwhile Draena reminds Gerald and Violet of their agreement to kill her rather than let Draga escape. Arthur convinces her to remain for a small time.

We spend some time to gather more coral and Arthur converts it quickly to a more manageable and usable format. Alice makes coral rings while Qureine chooses a beaded necklace.

After some time Alice and Gerald do a fortune reading to determine the future of our group if we stay for some time to gather enough terram vis from the coral.

There is still some dependence upon which order of trees that we visit but the sense that Gerald understands is that we will have conflict at each engagement. The queen has demons which allows the to defy various magical laws. She also has huge armies of mercinaries and moderate forces of navy and marine Peratornins.

We form another plan to return to the skeleton of the fallen dragon, raising it and trying to convince it to enforce the pact of the gods. We learn that we will succeed if we do this in protecting the silver isle but at the cost of the lives of 80% of the adult humans on the planet.

We discuss and agree that it is better to protect the Silver Isle through enforcing the Pact of the Gods rather than fighting the queen directly.

In that future the corps is a secret society and does not grow in status but continues on in the world full of Ignition by whaling. An important group of Farrani is able to succeed in government. Our legacy will live on.

+3 Seasons, +194 pons of terram vis


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