The Farrani Corps

Game 18: Kiss of Flame and Steel

Arthur communicates with us and learns that we have lost the staff and quickly turns his ship around with several of our companions. We head quickly to Orghen to convince the other Farrani to leave the area and to reach the tree to enter the regio and communicate with our ancestors. We sail to the west coast and prepare to run inland as wolves. We convince them fairly easily to get on the boats and to get them away on the boat. Gerald proposed that instead of running he and Violet make us float above the trees and Gerald teleports us to the tree very quickly. We float down and begin to pass through the regio.

Gerald, Qureine, and Violet begin to protect the tree while Arthur and Alice enter the regio. Immediately upon entering the regio Arthur makes eye contact with a spirit and thoroughly probes his mind for the answers to the questions.

We have questions prepared for the ancestors.
What are the terms of the Pact of the Gods? – The Kharazed did not make the pact of the Gods but they understand that the Gods decided that it was time to move on from the world, to withdraw to allow for the natural races to grow, the remnants of the relations with humans and that in that case the Pact of the Gods they will be removed from the realm in some way. The Kharazed “ascend.”
Are any of the other Gods opposed to the Galarands? – The Gods were all agreeable such that they came up with the Pact and not enemies among themselves though there were occasional conflicts among their followers. He has no insight into their current motivations to attack the Silver Isle.
Are there are descendants of the other Gods in this world and how can we identify them? – Before the first age four of the Gods had races that mingled with humans. There could be descendents of the Divine and the Fay (Argenta being the Magic and Aurex being the Infernal) still in the world but he had no specific information.
Would Argenta prefer that the Silver Isle be attacked by Galarands or cut off from our world entirely? – His impression is that it would be better to be invaded than sealed off entirely.
What would they like us to do if we can’t stop them from burning the trees? – He has no understanding of what is going on outside of this regio and the trees were planted after his time.
Where are the other relics and powerful regios? – He has no knowledge of these things.

Arthur and Alice return appearing happy and confident. Gerald speaks with them while Alice and Qureine continue to attempt to protect the tree. We all spend time to protect the tree from fire through illusion, creation of fire breaks, and the like. We study our flowers in the shadow of the tree and we all protect it to the best of our abilities.

Arthur questions the tree and it tells him more about what is going on in the forest, that the fires have been going on for more than a day and it has no memory of a fire this intense or destructive in its long life.

We float up again and Gerald takes us to the tree on the North. It is about half the size of the former tree. Alice identifies a trace of a magic regio. She enters for a brief moment while the rest of us wait and measure the time that passes. Violet and Qureine wait with an appearance of age while Gerald and Arthur hide a ways away. Alice returns after a half hour of our waiting and protecting the tree a bit to describe a forest with apparently non magical flowers and no structures that she could discern. After we laughingly explain our prank on her. Alice took arcane connections to both of them so as to scry on them.

We head out to the ship and shortly after we are under way, Captain Draena’s familar, Talon, reports to her and she relays that most of the ships that were at the south of the island have sailed away towards Peratorna.

We determine to head to the ruins where we could have air in our lungs and ability to see in the dark so that we can explore the ruins. Meanwhile we formulate a plan to also determine what had happened with the Peratornin army and Draena convinces us that that is more urgent than investigating the ruins.

Alice makes everyone invisible except Arthur and he questions the person on the ship to ask where the captain is. He also mind probes the person. There was a popular uprising in Peratorna that the ships have returned to suppress that. The Queen had returned as well with some “resources” and her strange allies had disagreed with her rolling barrels up on the shore and doing things with it. There is some misunderstanding as to if we are leaving or not. Alice confirms that the ship is not lead lined for explosion. Violet and Gerald kill the soldiers on the ship and follow along. Alice and Qureine follow.

The soldiers who remain are questioned and dispatched, though what remained on the island are rather old or young. Not the main force of the army almost certainly. Arthur learns that they know nothing of the destruction and sacrifice of the fleet in the north. He learned that a man transported in a metal coffin is the power behind the seeing eye ships. The rebellion in Peratornin is the king’s illigetimate son who has begun the uprising in the queen’s absence. The queen does not have any heirs. The people are somewhat divided in that some support the queen and others believe that there is something evil about her.

We kill the remainder of the people on the island and burn their ships and head off to investigate the ruins.

+2 Seasons


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