The Farrani Corps

Game 17: Lost and Gone

Alice keeps an eye on the ships while we rest or head to our ships to reconvene. She reports that they are re-configuring with the fire ship in the center of two rows heading to the center of the line of fires. Alice can see that the rune sailed ship is in the back of the ship. Then she says that the crew of the ships are dropping from the rigging and the deck as if they have suddenly lost their life force. Qureine is worried that they are trying to create more fire ships. Violet and Alice take turns destroying the ships where they can starting with Alice destroying the runic sail. Violet then destroys the sail of one of the first ships. Our ships are given the signal to turn north to put as much distance as possible between us and the others. The ships hit the wall of fire and begins to burn, it also begins to head North as if it is coming after us at a greater speed than previously but not quite as fast as our ships. We slowed them down as much as possible to ensure that our ships could escape. When Qureine is rested she joins in as well.

Alice sees a metal column with a person looking at our invisible ship hidden on the deck of the fire ship. She does not detect any scrying spells though. Violet is not able to cast a spell to destroy His Terrible Symmetry and goes to hand the staff to Gerald but Alice and Qureine, who is standing beside Violet, see Gerald behind Violet as well. Qureine, also reaching for the staff, noticed that there were two Gerald’s and immediately attempted to wrest the staff from him, but fails. Gerald shoots him in the face and attempts to paralyze him but it does not seem to work even though a large portion of his head disintegrated. The false Gerald then passes the staff into his body and begins to move towards the railing. Violet inflicts a heavy wound with her gun. Alice also attacks the creature and the creature crumbles further leaving a slime of rotten egg smell.

Alice turns us invisible and Gerald begins to teleport us while Alice collects the Vim Vis. Gerald attempts to teleport Violet but the ship is somehow resisting the effort to teleport. Alice is fairly certain that there is an infernal regio through the line of oil on the water. Violet convinces Draena to sail into the regio and check in with Arthur to let the fleet know that we may be late to get to the port of call, Marjura on the sourhern coast of Kmorda.

We head into the regio, protecting the ship as we go. We see a large flat land mass with clouds circling it to the south and the smell of sulfur encompasses us. There are ships here about 200 ships similar to His Terrible Symmetry. We can not detect the staff any longer, can not make our way through the fleet here and decide to head back before the oil slick entrance closes. As we are exiting the rift we notice that the stars in this sky are not the ones that we are familiar with and we are all glad that we have made it out in time.

Immediately the air smells sweet and clear and we breathe a sigh of relief.

We are all feeling rather defeated at the knowledge that we have gained. Gerald mentions off handedly that the Galarands that we have been fighting would have to break the pack of the Gods in order to attack us or the Silver Isle. Violet goes to Draga to ask about who we should contact about the Pact of the Gods that is currently being infringed upon. Draga informs us of the other gods that she knows of.

Our goals are the following:
1) Go back to the tree on Orghin and determine if they have any ancient lore, Investigate the ruins near the mouth of the island Orghin
2) Go back to the graveyard of the Kharazed to get more information and try to convince them that the Pact was in danger
3) Capture and interrogate a galarand descendant for more information
4) Seek out the other casches and trees to get more lore, allies, magical powers
5) Go to the Ill-kin to get information from them about their connections with the gods
The ultimate goal would be to try to contact and unify other mystical beings to maintain the Pact of the Gods.

Gerald and Alice burn Animal Vis following our lives as we follow the list above.

They get a sense of great doom and a burning island. They see that in a short time our enemy would learn the secrets of the staff after which things accelerate more quickly. All the forces congregating in this area seeking the staff will all be diverted to Orghin with the sense of a burning island again. The queen determines the secrets of the staff and it is Orghin that burns as she tries to burn the trees as quickly as she can. It will devastate or wipe out the line of Farrani on that island as well as perhaps damage the Regio in that area. The staff would come to her through her allies. They get the sense that we will survive Orghin but it is either too late or we closely escape. We are to discover an important clue at the graveyard of the Kharazed.

We unanimously agree that this is a bad plan and try to determine a new one.

1) Go back to Orghin and warn the Farrani as we use the tree to teleport to Peratornin and intercept the staff before it gets to the queen.
2) Go back to Orghin with the staff and try to defend the island

Two more pons of Animal vis are spent and the following is read.

Alice determines that we will successfully get to our destination but have no hope when we arrive of achieving our goals as we will be nowhere near the queen when we arrive.

Two more vis are spent telling the fortune of the staff as we try to get it back from the queen at all costs.

Alice determines that the staff will soon come into the hands of the enemy. Many of its powers will be discovered but there is a sense that it will be less useful in the hands of the enemy. Most of the impact that it will have will be based not on the power that the queen will gain but in the fear and paranoia that she will gain as a result.

Gerald proposes that we begin to destroy the artifacts to prevent the queen from gathering their power. Qureine proposes that we go to the regio to get as much information as possible about the pact and the artifacts and how to destroy them while hiding the others in magical realms.

Alice reads for the silver isle. In a range of possibility the silver isle is invaded or the silver isle can never be reached again but in any case we are the architects of any fate that were to befall it. Some of the better outcomes seem to be that we will delay the queen for a long time, in the range of 20 years. Alice is also able to narrow down the number of trees that have any impact on the future of the island. If there is one thing that we learn, it is not the items that allow the queen to invade the silver isle but they would speed her path.


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