The Farrani Corps

Game 16: Through Hell and High Water

We discuss the plan to escape the three fleets and determine that heading west, into the smaller fleet of the fire ship, would be the most strategically bold plan which would result in the fewest losses. The fleet would be mostly focused on breaking through and getting to safety while our ship would try to eliminate as many ships in their fleet as possible.

Gerald teleports Draena to each ship she casts the hulls to iron and the wind in the sails spells. As we proceed west we get within sight of a huge smoke bank and Alice, Arthur and Violet could see through it to determine the formation of ships. The fleet is ordered to go north to break across the top of the fleet. Gerald gives us wards and bonuses.

Then Gerald teleports us, invisible thanks to Alice, to the largest cannon ship. First Violet, to the forecastle of a giant ship and within a few steps of someone with a spyglass, then Arthur, as Violet puts the man to sleep. Then Alice is teleported. Violet, meanwhile disguises herself as the man she has put asleep and thin slits his throat. Alice begins scanning the ship for whatever information she can gather and Arthur heads aft to find the captain. Then Qureine is teleported and stands near Alice as she investigates the ship for whatever she sees and hears in the ship. Violet kills the man and turns him to dust. Arthur makes it to the quarter deck. Alice reports to Qureine, who passes the information along, that the ship is not fully manned.

Arthur becomes visible and casts his spell to be recognized as a natural leader, that he is from “His Terrible Symmetry” and that there is a change in orders. The other man on the deck runs to the edge and pulls on a rope to sound an alarm bell of some sort. Qureine notices that the two ships on either side are beginning to run up blue flags as some sort of signal. Violet and Arthur approach the people nearest them. Arthur making the man ringing the bell fall asleep, and asking the captain to report on the status of his ship. Alice begins to scry the 5th deck and sees 400 people on the floor being interrupted in some sort of religious ceremony that is concluding with the sounding of the bell. Qureine stops the ship behind from raising their flag which caused all of the flags to fall. Arthur orders the captain to begin the process of readying the ship for battle for there are traitors on the other ships. Qureine breaks the second signal flag and begins resting with the fatigue.

Arthur learns about the flag system while Gerald continues down to the 4th deck below. The captain understands his duty with Arthur’s orders, to begin firing on the other ships. Gerald and Violet suddenly notice that there is an enormous quantity of high quality gun powder on the ship such that it would explode spectacularly as if it were a trap.

Violet communicates to Alice that the ship is filled with gunpowder and that we need to get off of it immediately. Gerald teleports to the fourth ship in the second column with the fire ship, it too appears to be mostly deserted. Alice describes to us the danger that we are in as Gerald appears and begins to teleport us back to Draena’s ship. Just before a large boom percusses beneath us as all cannons fire on the ships to our sides. Arthur is teleported first, Violet fires the heavy cannon, causing the following ship to be nearly torn apart. Violet is deafened from from the blast. Qureine is teleported off next. Violet is teleported, after being made invisible again. Alice watches as someone from the ship, who had set up the explosion, dives over the side, she is teleported and then Gerald follows. Some 20 seconds later we see a firey column rise from behind the line of smoke.

We rest. Violet’s hearing returns slowly. Alice ascertains that we have stopped two ships but the others appeared to be fine. Though Gerald reported that the other ship he had teleported to had been similarly laid out. We begin to formulate a plan to set off additional bell alarms to see if we can get additional ships to blow themselves up. After checking in on our labs.

+3 seasons


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