The Farrani Corps

Game 15: Moonshadow

We stay with the White Mountain folks a few days to learn about their traditions and become more comfortable in our wolf skin. Arthur speaks with the Elders and Elder Ben hesitates though it seems that he trusts us because we learned to take the wolf shape.

In the past ten days, it seems, the tree had spoken for the first time in their life times to request that we hide and protect it. We offer our assistance in that endeavor. We approach the huge tree, easily 100 feet tall and about as wide, with the Elders escorting us. They lead us through a maze of brambles and we are brought into the presence of the massive trunk.

Alice uses a spell to cloak the use of strong magics such as from the staff. Qureine uses the staff and the name that the people know for this tree.

Can you tell me your name? – Orghim
It was activated 12 days ago.
It then asks if we want it’s report. – We reply that we do. And Qureine repeats all of it All events appear to be within perceptive range of the forest.
Based on the description of a particular cluster of stars Alice determines that the last report was approximately 800 years ago. The tree made its last report to someone who did not give it a name.
It gives me the names of the other Sentinel trees. It does not know if any of the other trees are active or in danger. It says that the last 100 years it has been asleep.
Realizing that it does not have information about the last 30 years we ask about the last 12 days. It informs us that there has been a great deal of magic trying to bend the forest to a foreign will. The forces will eventually penetrate the forest unless we stop that which is probing.
It says that there is another Sentinel tree on the Northern area of the island.
We also ask if it knows of any Farrani item stores nearby which it says might be present in the sunken fortifications on the south west edge of the island.
It reluctantly informs us that there is a Regio where we are the path of which seems to line up directly with the path that Argenta took from the tree to visit us. Alice can see it indeed. The tree tells us that in the Regio is a graveyard for Kahrazed and doors into further realms where we might find Argenta but are not strong enough to make the journey most likely.

We debate entering the Regio and consult the stars but are unsure if we want to go or not. If we will lose too much time and endanger the school. It is revealed that there will be an encounter with the school and the navy of our enemies but that we will be able to reach them in time and have a conversation with our ancestors if we go in.

Alice takes us in. There is a dense fog and the feeling of being surrounded by a storm. She leads us towards 6 or 7 pink dots of light and as we approach the bits of color are actually flowers connected to ivy that goes over a stone building of some kind. We see a stone door in the wall and Qureine uses the staff to coax the vines out of they way without damaging them. She identifies the flowers as being of this realm and not of the world we came from. Violet smelled the flower and noticed that she could see more clearly through the haze. When we learn that the door is part of the structure not an actual door and Gerald teleports Violet through the wall. Alice tries to stop him because on the other side of the wall is just a hole but it is too late. She falls and quickly casts a spell on herself to float and slowly begins to rise back up to the top of the shaft. There is no light besides that of the flower, which she pulls out to see better by. Violet descends again and begins to hear the sound of the wind again and sees silver glowing orbs and the wind howls louder until she sees humanoid shapes in the shaft.

Alice sees everything around Violet due to an arcane connection. Gerald makes us each float and then teleports us through the wall. Violet holds out the flower but they show no interest. She then begins the prayer to Argenta and the spirits swirl around her, their large silver eyes watching her, piling around her.

As we reach the bottom and are surrounded in the swirling mists of the spirits’ Arthur asks one of the beings how we can communicate with them. He learns that they are forbidden to speak with us as they are bound with a Pact of the Gods. We do learn that this is where the souls of the dead go and in the bottom of this well they can manifest.

Arthur collects the flowers that he can and takes them with us as Alice leads us back out of the Regio.

The wolves all rush over to us and inform us that the sun has changed several times. Alice learns that it has been 40 days since we entered. Arthur communicates with and learns that the fleet has anchored in a cove to the north west. We realize that our eyes are somewhat luminescent as the silver of our ancestors had been. Violet causes our eyes to look more normal, except for Arthur.

The tree reports that there is a strange magical ship that has traveled several times around the island.

We determine that first we need to reunite with our fleet in the northwest, then sail south around the west side of the island, investigating the sunken ruins as we go and eliminate the ship and the fortifications on our way.

We offer to take Ben and about 8 of the other young people to teach them our techniques and so that we can learn theirs. Gerald examines the flower and learns so much from it that we all choose to examine our own flowers. One is destroyed in the process but we each have one spare.

Two days later we reach the coastline and get on Draena’s ship in the fog bank. We all gather and update Draena on the route back to the fleet.

Draga comes up and tells us that she learned from Ben that there was a way for people to step through the trees and exit through another one of them. Draga knows of a spell to pass through one location of magic to another. That the spells would be far beyond our abilities and knowledge but if we could unlock it it would be possible to travel between them instantaneously

We express eagerness to get back with the fleet and as we arrive we see a distant sail approaching and reading their signals learn that there are a bunch of ships following shortly behind it… The fire ship is among them and we know we will be surrounded but we must decide if we want to go into the ice in the North, or which of the wings of the fleet to confront.

+2 Seasons, -2 animal vis for astrology rolls


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