The Farrani Corps

Game 14: The Sentinel and the Moon

We head out and over the course of the ten days that it takes us to get to the Orghin coast discuss our plans to revive the 2nd ages Naval tradition. When we get there Draena informs us that some new force has set up, on the southern most tip of the Island, a military encampment with regular naval patrols of the trade routes. We determine that the best plan would be for the majority of the fleet to go into the northern harbor for shelter while we take Draena’s ship up the river.

Qureine determined that the staff is made of the heart of an ancient oak and over 1000 years old. She takes further care to protect the staff with this knowledge.

We see a large, sturdy construction with Peratornin flags and one ship with mystical markings on the side. It appears to be the magical language of the Galarands. Alice notices that it appears to be heading our direction as if it is circling the island in that direction. It has active magic on the sail and ropes on the ship. There is a normal crew for that size of ship. Gerald is able to determine that the magic built into the sail is part of a network to detect magic. We disagree as to how to deal with the ship and as we turn up the river it sails on as if it has not noticed us at all.

We sail north in our invisible ship into the heart of Orghin. Two days up the river, the first mate speaks quietly with Draena and she points out something caught in the vegetation of the shoreline. Alice sees that it is covered with moss above the water but it is clearly man made in nature. Based on the moss it appears to have been there for a year or more.

Gerald teleports us over to it and Qureine speaks with the moss and wood of the structure. When we get to it it is simple to determine that it some sort of wooden vessel 15 to 20 paces in length. Alice views the structure. The structure slowly rises, an old life boat from a medium to small sized ship, when Qureine focuses on it. There are no bodies about though.

We continue up river but, even invisible, feel very vulnerable as we travel up the river. Alice spots some wildlife.

On the third night we hear the sound of wolves. Qureine tells the others that they are hunting. As we get closer to our drop off point we find a small schooner with no sails. As if it had been here for a long time, listing in the shallows with broken mast. We take a life boat over to it and Violet peers inside of it. Gerald then teleports Violet over to the ship in one of the few secure locations due to the lilting angle. Violet is quite graceful but nearly falters. Then she leaps into the open hatch and below decks. Qureine stops the ship from moving and Alice can not see any magic items but Violet happily goes through everything. Violet takes the tabard of the apparently deceased owner of the armor.

She describes what she found and showed us the rotting tabard. Draena is familiar with the symbol and tells us of the Knights of the White Mountain as a religious order of knights that are loyal to Argenta and the Farrani.

We teleport in and eventually find some land formations that allow us to ascend quite easily. Eventually we get to a landing and find a circle of stone as if from a camp fire. Just past midday we achieve the top of the first set of peaks and see a pass through the mountains, overlooking the river. It would probably take us a day and a half to teleport through the mountain pass. Many teleportations later, through the cold mountains, Alice sees the tree ahead which is ridiculously large and we determine that it is too far to teleport but Qureine makes wolves for us to ride through the woods. Gerald, Qureine and Violet feel the freedom of using their magic heavily for the first time.

Qureine senses that slightly north of our current path there are structures and a bit more openness. We find caves with the symbol of the White Mountain. Violet casts Eyes of the Cat on Alice, who then views into the cave and sees an apparent sarcophagus of stone. Gerald removes the stone cap from the door of the sarcophagus. Gerlad causes himself to glow. We see an epitaph carved in Kharazed talking about the life of Sir Tillious Tillum.

When we come out of the cave we find our wolves circled by about 20 native wolves who seem agitated. And then from out of the trees a man wearing a simple robe with a sword in his hand. He has a long brown beard with streaks of grey in it and raises his strong arm to point the sword to us.

One of the wolves approaches and turns into a human. Then, they all turn into humans. Arthur makes himself able to communicate with them. Violet, Arthur and Alice communicate our situation and they invite us along with them. We ride our wolves and follow along behind them. Sir Jess, Sir Tillum’s squire, and Ben (the lead wolf), communicate about their order and history. Violet said something indicating that Flash had ascended and we have his notes before realizing that she shouldn’t talk about it and Alice quickly casts a scrying spell to make sure that we are not being watched.

They inform us that the tree awakened 11 days ago, when we were scrying on the tree. We explain that we fear the queen is seeking mystical locations and artifacts and destroying them. Ben suggests that we speak to the elders at some point and that we will reach the tree by the following night.

Towards the evening we get up again and head off into the night. We make it to the sentinel tree before full night, near abruptly due to being obscured by trees. There are another 20 or so people there. These simple, peaceful people bring us into their midst and introduce us to the Elders. Introductions are passed around and we begin to eat cooked meat together.

We display some of our powers, Gerald glows and floats. In the language of meaning we can tell that they are impressed but only on a technical level. He then teleports Qureine behind them and they seem more impressed.

Violet harms and then heals Alice for their demonstration.

We participate in a ritual that is a way to commune with the Gods. Beautiful streamers come from our hands and we seem lost in a trance. A beautiful woman comes out from the trees and she speaks from herself and the white wolves with her in the clearest language of meaning we have ever encounter. She introduces herself as Elder and says that we should have been looking for her sooner. That it is very important.

Arthur asks how we can serve and seek her. She responds that she does not answer questions or interfere in the world of men.

There is some eating and drinking and howling at the unnaturally large moon.

After a time she walks with her white wolves into the forest and in a moment we can see sunlight and are suddenly aware that there is no moon visible and it is midday. We sit up groggily and look about ourselves.

When we wake we are encouraged to take the form of wolves and though we feel as if we should be able to do so… and we are.

+3 Seasons


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